Elisie Akeza
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Two days after the burial of a five year old Elisie Akeza, daughter to Florian Rutiyomba, the sad news that went viral on social media, new details about her death have been revealed.

The late Akeza was the first daughter to Rutiyomba whom he produced on her first girlfriend before marrying Chantal, the alleged murderer.

The house maid after being arrested has narrated to police that Chantal has been mistreating Akeza since she was brought home one week before her death.

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“On14th of January 2022 the day Akeza died, Chantal had been sending her often and consecutively to the shop and on every return Chantal was standing in the doorway of the store and she would be so furious each time she would be back in a blink of an eye. This prompted her to suspect that something wrong was going on,” the house maid also revealed.

She further explains that when Chantal retreated to the house to check on her baby who was crying, she walked closely to the store only to find that Akeza had drowned in a drum of water yet it was just seconds after her step mother went to the house meaning that the step mother had thrown her in a tank of water and was busy watching her dead body in the tank of water.

Immediately the house maid called for help from the neighborhood according to her report to police.

The house maid also has narrated to police that the drum had earlier been empty but Chantal filled it with (20 litre) jerry cans of water to be able to end Akeza’s life and others to believe that she might have drowned by accident.

The suspects that have been so far arrested include a domestic worker and a step mother to Akeza known by her name Chantel.

Before her death, Akeza had spent one week at her step mother’s home since the father picked her from the biological mother on request to bond with his new family including the stepmother and their newly born baby who is three (3) months old.

According to our sources, when Akeza’s mother was pregnant, the boyfriend’s family discouraged him from getting married to her. She raised Akeza up the age she has lost her life. But later Akeza’s father got engaged and married Chantal who is said to have killed Akeza.

It is said that Akeza’s father had earlier requested his newly wedded wife Chantal if she could permit him to bring his daughter to bond with them which Chantel accepted.

Akeza was studying in Primary 1 according to his aunt whom she was staying with liked music and watching which she got involved in more during COVID-19 lockdown. May her soul Rest In Peace.