The Commissioner General of Prisons Dr. Johnson Byabashaija

In 1992, the UDB advertised for supply of 120,000 day old layer chicks to be given to Farmers. I was a young Officer in Charge of Kigo Prisons. I thought that Kigo Prison Farm, would supply these chicks to UDB. This would give us the much needed Capital to expand on the Poultry Hatchery Project.

I decided to seek advice from the CGP. He gave me a go ahead. I went to UDB, sure that I was going to seal the deal. I was ushered into the office of the Director Finance, who was then Hajati Syda Bbumba.

She looked at me for about 5 min and told me it was a risk they couldn’t take, since we were not a business entity. She advised that I get an Indemnity from the Treasury, Ministry of Finance Planning & Economic Development (MOFPED), that if we failed to deliver, Gov’t would pay UDB to recover their money. I was advised to see the Secretary to Treasury to secure that guarantee. The ST none other than Mr Tumusiime Mutebile.

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I explained to him the capabilities of Kigo Prisons Hatchery to supply these 120,000 day old layer chicks to UDB. I went ahead to place my request for the Indemnity from him. He was in the meantime nodding his head to what I was saying but with a stern gaze at me. Then he said and I quote. “Dr Byabashaija what you are saying is that UDB pays you the money (by that time we still had operational accounts in Commercial banks), you eat it and Treasury reimburses UDB. I was stunned.

I tried to convince him wapi. He was very astute in his submission. I gave up and went back to Kigo licking my lips.

That’s the Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile I knew. MHS RIP

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