Prof Nawangwe

Makerere University Vice Chancellor, Professor Barnabas Nawangwe has revoked the suspension of 16 students who participated in a strike over online lectures.

Several students last Monday went on strike to oppose the university’s decision regarding the decision to proceed with the blended mode of teaching and learning, despite the full reopening of the country’s economy.

The University Management then received reports of bullying of freshers by some continuing students. This bullying was in the form of forced jogging, physical assault and use of offensive or profane language. The same individuals also destroyed university property in an attempt to get the freshers out of their rooms.

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Through a letter addressed to each of the students, Nawangwe wrote: “In lieu of the written and oral explanations and apology from yourself. I hereby revoke your suspension and reinstate you as a student of Makerere University. I urge you and warn you to desist from any further actions that disturb peace at the university and bring the university in disrepute.”

Nawangwe encouraged the students to strongly desist all attempts to disrupt the University activities.

“As you may know, engaging in disruptive behavior and organizing unsanctioned demonstration both have a profound effect on the image of the University and the entire higher education sector. Such actions also disturb the peace of other stakeholders and disrupt important activities,” the letter reads.

The University reversed its decision to hold online lectures for the better part of semester one which started on January 29, 2022 and will now fully reopen for all students on March 5, 2022.

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