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At least six directors of the Uganda Prisons Service (UPS) are free to wear the force’s newly introduced rank of Assistant Commissioner General of Prisons.

For years, Commissioner of Prisons has been the highest rank, after which one would be promoted to serve as Director. But with effect from last week, the Uganda Prisons Service leadership took a decision to regularize the ranks and match their counterparts in the Uganda Police Force, according to Prisons spokesperson Frank Baine.

The new rank of Assistant Commissioner General of Prisons is equivalent to that of Assistant Inspector General of Police, which is the highest rank in the Uganda Police Force and is held by all directors.

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The first beneficiaries of the rank in the Prisons Service include Moses Katungye Bwijuka, David Nsalasata Sekabembe, Samuel Akena, Eli Muhumuza, Moses Kakungulu Wagabaza, and David Ahimbisibwe Asiimwe.

“They have not been promoted. They have been regularized. They have remained with their titles of directors but have the rank of Assistant Commissioner General of Prisons, just like our friends in the Uganda police force who have AIGPs serving as directors,” Baine said.

“The process is still on to regularize the rank of Senior Commissioner of Prisons (SCP), which will be the second-highest rank just like it is in the police force. Another rank UPS is discussing is Lance Corporal.”

“When we were revising our prison structure, there was an error: the director was an appointment but not the rank. The process is still on to have the ranks of SCP and Lance Corporal. The process is still on and when we are ready, we shall come to that,” Baine added.

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