Counsel Ssemakadde

Counsel Isaac Ssemakadde has said the High Court Judge Musa Ssekaana is not Justice but was merely appointed to deliver it.

Ssemakadde said at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (CID) where he was summoned to record a statement about the alleged offensive communication to the prejudice of Justice Ssekaana Musa.

The summoning of Ssemakadde came a few days after Mr. Ssekaana sentenced City lawyer Male Mabirizi to 18 months in prison for contempt of Court.

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“Nomads are not their cows; their respect for them is expert custodianship of their cattle. Farmers are not their crops; their respect for them is their skills expertly in bringing us food out of ground likewise judges are not justice. They are merely appointed to the task of delivering it. We want to respect them for that and correct them when they fail to live up to the task,” he said.

He said a judge doesn’t own court orders, he or she merely issues them, in the name of the people and on behalf of the demands for justice. “I believe he came here to report a personal case of offensive communication. My lawyers informed the ingredients of the case; disturbing his peace and privacy,” Ssemakadde added.

According to Ssemakadde Justice Ssekaana believes that he is the justice system, and an attack on him is an attack on the system.

“I am here to expose a collective failure of several generations of law makers, Law administrators and law practitioners, a failure to detect the lasting impacts of colonialism, the effects of colonial culture in our administration of justice,” he said.

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