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The Chief Magistrate of Buganda Road Court has summoned jailed lawyer Male Mabirizi on fresh charges related to offensive communication. The court requires Mabirizi to appear on March 7, 2022 in the summons. He is to answer charges of offensive communication, criminal libel, and offenses prejudicial to judicial proceedings levied against him by Robert Rutaro as a private prosecutor. 

Grade one magistrate Sanula Nambozo issued a production warrant directing the prison authorities at Kitalya Min Max Prison to produce him in court to take a plea.

Currently, Mabirizi is serving an 18 months sentence served to him by the High Court judge Musa Ssekaana. They served him with the sentence for his continued attack on judicial officers.

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The origin of the fresh charges is a case privately instituted by Rutaro against Mabirizi. He says that Mabirzi made statements on his Twitter handle abusing the justice Ssekaana.

Rutaro quotes a number of posts written both in English and local language allegedly by Mabirizi. Apparently, Mabirizi attacked the judge and also crafted some of the extracts to his complaint in vulgar language.

“Chicken had 2be eaten to celebrate our triumph over Ssekaana and a section of judges who think that Uganda belongs to them not citizens. Of course, the rule of law champion had to catch up with @legalrebel@IsaacSsemakadde to strategize and a huge missile is on its way,” reads one of the posts. 

Rutaro alleges that the statements and others withheld, embarrassed the trial judge and violated his right to privacy without justifiable excuse.

Therefore, they should hold Mabirizi accountable as provided for under the law.

Rutaro who says he stands in solidarity with the judicial officers. He thus asked court to summon Mabirizi to appear and be answerable to his charges.

Only last December, Rutaro teamed up with Mabirizi to prosecute pastor Aloysius Bujjingo for bigamy at Entebbe Chief Magistrate’s court.

They however fell out with each other. This is because Rutaro was okay with the Director of Public Prosecutions’ (DPP) plan to take over their case.

Rutaro has since also instituted a case of offensive communication against lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde at Buganda Road court. And as for Ssemakadde, he is required to appear tomorrow March 4. This is on similar charges whose facts also relate to abusing Ssekaana.

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