IGG Beti Kamya

The Inspector General of Government (IGG) Betty Kamya has pledged to investigate the mega Shs 2.5 billion budget for send off of the deceased speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanyah.

According to the Minister for Presidency Babirye Milly Babalanda who is also the chairperson for the National Organizing Committee (NOC) overseeing Oulanyah’s burial, the Shs2.5 billion will cater for expenses including paying funeral service providers, security, logistical expenses among others.

Burial day expenditure takes the lion’s share of the budget (Shs 1.1billion), Security (Shs 158.5million), Acholi MPs (Shs 312.9million), Finance committee (Shs 247.8million), and A-Plus funeral Services (Shs 226million).

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“The Spirit of the departed Jacob Oulanyah must be horrified by the obscene cash bonanza in his funeral expenses, he’d not allow it if he had a choice,” the IGG said.

She said the Inspectorate will honor him by taking interest in allegations of impropriety in his funeral expenses.

Babalanda defended the Shs 2.5 billion budget saying it fits well in the status of his office.

Yesterday, the Chief Administrative Officer of Pader district asked Town Clerks, Senior Assistant secretary, Councilors and sub-counties to contribute a minimum of Shs500,000 and Shs300,000 for the send off of Oulanyah.

Jacob Oulanyah who was elected speaker of parliament in May last year died on  March 20, 2022 in Seattle USA and his body will arrive in the country on Friday.