Ykee thrilling fans

On Saturday 2ndApril 2022, all roads led to Nyungu Yamawe for the “Rumble In The Jungle ” live show sponsored by Captain Morgan and partners. The Kampala party animals started getting at the venue as early as 4PM, despite many events that were in town over the weekend.

It was not an ordinary night as revelers experienced camping, nyam nyamu and finally electrifying performances from artistes Tugume Wycliff, also known as Ykee Benda and Ojambo Andrew commonly known as Daddy Andre among other artistes.

Ykee, the famous obangaina remix artiste stormed the stage a few minutes to midnight amidst ululations and screaming of applause from his fans in the audience. He put up a thrilling performance of his hits such as “Eva” and “Banange”, “Turn Up The Vibe” among others without forgetting his block buster “Abeeyo” song that got the revelers on their feet to dance and sing with him.

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At around 12:20 am, artiste Daddy Andre hit the stage with his famous hit “Sikikukweka,” the “You and Me” a collabo song with Lydia Jasmine among others. Through his entire performance, the crowd was fired up kept them on their feet the entire time, most especially the ladies.

Later, musician Chosen Blood entertained partygoers with ‘Yitayo”song, his collabo with Winnie Nwagi. Earlier alone, before musical performances, music lovers were entertained by media personalities Mc Casmir and Sheila Salta.

In an interview with media, the Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) Events Manager Herbert Ndugga said Captain Morgan chose to be part of the Rumble In The Jungle as a way of giving people a feel of themselves, adventurous and free spirits.

“The concept here is to get the fun of you, and the jungle life is what defines that.The treasure hunt is one of captains’ traits, and the captain is here to lead the way to it. It may be that new friend, the great music and the like,” he stated.

He said yesterday’s event at Nyungu Yamawe is the fourth episode of the Rumble In The Jungle, adding that Ugandans should look out for more episodes coming up although he didn’t divulge details of the venues.

“We’ve been in Busabala and we’ll surely make u posted about our next rumble,” said Ndugga.

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