Kole DRDC Trevor Baleke
EC Village Verification

When I arrived here (in the north) I went straight to Lira Central Market to buy some fruits and greens. The market is 10 times more clean than Jinja central market. The leadership here doesn’t allow anyone littering rubbish, buveera and garbage inside or around the market.

The citizens; vendors and buyers are even used to keeping the market clean. No one is there to enforce the bylaws but it is inside everyone’s heart that the market is not a rubbish pit!

Moving around Lira city you will get to understand what it means touring around a clean city. Every street everywhere is clean.

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On Monday I drove to Kole district where I am posted as Deputy RDC. At first I thought Kole was so remote and perhaps not a nice place. But it is equally a clean place. People there are hardworking; no gossiping, not sports betting and politicking. You can’t find youths in trading centre’s playing games. You will find them looking after cattle or clearing their fields ahead of the planting season.

The natives love their country. Over 80% of them can express themselves in the national language. My home region Busoga has a lot to copy from Lango and the entire north.

I thank the Government for the good roads, schools and health facilities. But most importantly I thank the people of this region for taking good care of whatever government puts in place for them. This is the patriotism we have always preached.

Trevor Solomon Baleke, Deputy RDC Kole.