Minister of ICT and National Guidance, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi

The Minister for Information, Communication, Technology (ICT) and National Guidance, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi has asked Police spokesperson Fred Enanga to stop dragging his name in the alleged drama of poisoning the fallen Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah.

Yesterday, Police summoned the late Speaker’s father Okori Nathan, former Minister Godfrey Suubi Kiwanda, Chris Baryomunsi who was mentioned by Kiwanda, Gilbert Olanya, Santa Okot, Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine, Bosmic Otim and others to explain the allegations that Oulanyah  was poisoned.

Oulanyah died on March 20, 2022 in Seattle, USA barely two months after he was admitted in February this year. He was laid to rest on the April 8, 2022.

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“I am not mourning in vain. I want to state clearly that Jacob Oulanyah was poisoned. He told me. The doctors tried to deal with the poison. It affected his health so badly that he could not recover,” Oulanyah’s father said at the send off of his son.

Speaking earlier today, Dr. Baryomunsi blasted Mr. Enanga noting that he should be professional in the way he does his investigations and avoid dragging their names into the drama of poison.

“Police should be professional in the way they do their work. Jacob Oulanyah’s father needs counseling to come to terms with the loss of his son, not police summons. At this rate, Fred Enanga may end up summoning Jacob Oulanyah from the grave,” Baryomunsi said.

He said according to Enanga, the investigation is focusing on individuals peddling information that the late speaker was poisoned and therefore there is no way his name can be mentioned since he never said it.

According to Enanga, Oulanyah died of multiple organ failure of the heart, lungs, liver and kidney from the University of Washington Medical Centre, in Seattle, USA. 

“The Former Speaker had also attended other hospitals in Germany, the Uganda Cancer Institute and other hospitals, after he was diagnosed with Cancer in 2019. From all these hospitals, there was no trace of poison, in the systemic circulation and or body organs, as per the medical records.  The deceased was treated in hospitals in Uganda, Germany and the US, under constant supervision, with numerous samples being taken regularly.  All samples did not refer to any clues for poisoning,” Enanga said.