The Ministry of Internal Affairs has revealed that it is stuck with over 10,000 electronic passports. The revelation was made by Mr. Simon Peter Mundeyi, the spokesperson to the ministry of Internal Affairs.

On April 4th, 2022 Uganda phased out machine readable passports (MRP) after a two years campaign and adopted electronic passports as legal travel documents.

“We have over 10,000 passports at the passport office ready for collection. I want to call upon Ugandans who paid and went for the interview to go and collect their passports,” he said.

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“We phased out the old passports on 4th April but a number of Ugandans are still being inconvenienced at the airport after they show up with the old passports. These are no longer in use. Ugandans are advised to apply for new passports,” he said.

He urged Ugandans who are desperately in need of passports to desist from using third parties. If you see anyone who wants to help you get a passport, run. The procedure of applying for a passport is very easy and can be done on the phone.

He said; “We are opening a call center at the Ministry of Internal Affairs for anyone who would like to find out about our services. This number will be provided in a week. We have increased the workstations and staff at the passport office, so we are not experiencing long lines.”

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