Counsel Sarah Lubega, the Vice Chair Person of Council, planting a tree. Photo by Ronard Shabomwe

Kyambogo University has embarked on planting trees on the demarcations of the University land as one way of safeguarding the land that has been encroached on several times by the people who claim the land belongs to them.

According to Patrick Kalule, the University engineer, this development is intended to help the university to have clear and well-marked boundaries of the university Land.

“There are threats on our land, this is one of the reasons why we are doing this, of course, we are trying to emphasize our boundaries, and that is one of the strategies we have used and many others shall come,” Engineer Kalule said.

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Kalule, who is also the University Estates manager, said currently there is an area where encroachers have evaded the university land, but the stakeholders are in the process of sending them away.

He further revealed that the council decided to have the landmarked so that all the stakeholders can be aware of the boundaries. Over 1200 trees will be planted which Kalule revealed will cover close to seven kilometers.

Counsel Sarah Lubega, the university council vice-chairperson revealed that this development will help many university stakeholders to know the boundaries of the university land.

“Most of the people do not know where Kyambogo university passes, so the people adjacent to the land will know whether they are on their land or not. Even Kyambogo will also know where their land starts and ends,” says Counsel Sarah Lubega.

The same was emphasized by the University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Eli Katunguka Rwakishaya, who said many people have been setting up shelters and others have plantations on the university land since they do not notice anything like boundaries.

He says that when you plant trees along the boundaries of your land; it can be one way of keeping peace with the neighboring community since the boundaries will be so clear to everyone now.

According to other sources, this will also help in preserving the environment, attaining a green environment, beautification, and creating shades for students. Kyambogo University is sited on 247 Acres, and there are plans of having the entire land fenced.

Previously, Kyambogo University has had running battles with some squatters who claimed their ancestors settled in that land before the establishment of Kyambogo University. Last year, the court came in and halted both parties from practicing any activities since the land is still under contestation.