Kole DRDC Trevor Baleke

Politicians have been advised not to only depend on the allowances they earn, but engage in household income generation.

Kole Deputy Resident District Commissioner, Trevor Solomon Baleke at the weekend urged political leaders to participate in the various agricultural business activities as a way of creating another income stream for themselves.

Mr. Baleke explained that political leaders are meant to be exemplary not only in making good speeches and being smart but put into practice what they preach.

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He said, as a way of mobilizing the public, leaders should have something to show behind their houses.

“You cannot encourage others to participate in farming when you don’t have even an acre of any crop. I am a deputy RDC of Kole from where I came this morning because you invited me and after here I am driving 382km back to my duty station because I must work but also I have gardens and livestock here because I must not only rely on my salary,” he said.

“I challenge you to have poultry or cattle in your homes and not to be the ones buying food all time when God blessed us with rich soils,” Baleke said.

Mr. Baleke was at the weekend addressing youth leaders from the 22 sub counties of Kamuli district in Busoga sub region where he was a guest of honor at the thanksgiving of the youth leaders at function hosted by Wankole Sub County Deputy Speaker, Norah Ntono.

He challenged the youth to reduce on the time they waste on Whatsapp engaging in discussions that take them nowhere but concrete of income generation.

“When you go back home, scroll through your phone book to see whether the people you are engaging with really matter in your life. Making arguments in whatsapp groups because you want to win should not be part of you if you want to get to the next level,” he said.

Mr. Baleke told the youth that president Museveni and government have put in place programs intended for the development of the youth and urged them to embrace these programs rather than lamenting all the time.

“Youth Livelihood Program (YLP), Operation Wealth Creation, Emyooga and Parish Development Model (PDM) are all programs where you as youth can benefit and change your livelihood. Unfortunately some of you focus on the challenges instead of the opportunities.

Mr. Baleke who has been the district NRM Administrative Secretary urged the youth to “continue trusting the NRM because all its focus was on how the lives of the people could be improved.”

He urged the youth to work together with other stakeholders to ensure that their concerns are heard.

“Go to the office of the RDC in Kamuli, Mrs Rose Birungi and Madam Kasadha her deputy are very good people. They shall listen to you. The office of the president is here to ensure that no one is left out on any program,” he said.

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