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Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Towards the demystification of Ugandan Politics

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Fellow Ugandans, let me say without any equivocation, or fear of contradiction, that these are perilous times in our great country.

In the midst of the monumental calamities staring us in the face, Ugandan politicians don’t seem to have eyes to see, noses to smell, ears to listen, and mouths to say the right things. They all appear to have buried their heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich.

One would think that our politicians would have learned some didactic lessons from our recent history, but no way! No matter how heinous, dangerous, or dire our situation becomes, Ugandan political leaders are too self-conceited, egocentric, and incapable of remaining sober.

A couple of examples should suffice. One of the reasons many people initially supported President Museveni’s 1986 bush war was the uproar caused by the breakdown of law and order in several parts of the country during the Amin and later Obote regimes.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was the devastating breakdown to rule of law and lawlessness which drew worldwide attention, condemnation and reprobation. This singular incident probably sent the government of Amin packing.

No government could have survived the plethora of attacks that came flying from every direction. And Museveni profited from Amin’s and Obote’s abject failure to deal with what had become a real menace to the people.

Decades later, the situation is far worse and pathetic, but our politicians, most of whom have crossed from opposition into NRM for selfish personal reasons rather than principle, are still carrying on gaily and blithely as if every day is Christmas.

I watch with pain and anguish a number of unacceptable issues befalling this country; hyperinflation, increasing prices of fuel and basic commodities, Karamoja at war and all sorts of mal-development taking place and my heart bleeds every time. It would appear that our government has abdicated their responsibilities and, as the saying goes, it is now a case of everyone is for himself, while only God is for us all. The pain, the anguish, the gnashing of teeth cannot be described, imagined or contemplated. He who feels it knows it.

And worse still, there is no sign of sympathy and empathy on the side of our political leaders. Any demonstration of concern is one laced with selfish motivations, a chance for photo opportunities and pre-politicking.

Our political leaders are too myopic to see the dangers, landmines and boobytraps ahead. It is reasonably obvious to discerning minds that someone is already setting up Uganda for a cataclysmic fall and a fatal collapse. But the dog that must get lost will never hear the hunter’s whistle.

The warning signs are dangling over our country like the sword of Damocles. We’ve passed this way and route before, and we should be familiar with its undulating landscapes, but due to our selective amnesia and somnambulism, we appear to be in a state of noctambulation and sleepwalking our way to perdition.

Ivan Munguongeyo

Email: ivanmungu12@gmail.com

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