Babalanda - Minister for Presidency

The Minister for Presidency, Milly Babalanda has said those that want academic qualifications for Resident District Commissioners have no legal framework in which they are demanding for such qualification.

In a letter dated April 26, 2022 reply to Arinaitwe Peter and Co. Advocates who are the attorneys for Denis Twahika and Jossy Nuwabiine, the Minister said her office can’t avail such information because it is voluminous and therefore, can be accessed only at her office.

“This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter Ref: AP/GEN/025/2022 dated April 19, 2022 in regard to the above subject. While I appreciate the concerns of your clients who are passionate about the good governance and rule of law of this country, the follow is my observation: (1) The information required is voluminous, it can therefore, be accessed at office of the President headquarters by liaising with the in-charge records subject to official clearance by the relevant authority. (2) Also, I would like to know what you mean by vetting and how it is related to appointments of RDCs.  Please provide the law to that effect to guide my office,” Babalanda wrote in a letter which Eagle Online has seen

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Mr Nuwabiine and Twahika petitioned the minister to avail qualifications of all RDCs after allegations that there was corruption in form of bribes and tribalism involved in the recent appointment of presidential representatives in the districts and cities.

However, the Babalanda denied the allegations stating that the appointment was merit-based appointment.

Babalanda further directed the petitioners through their lawyers to seek legal clearance from Solicitor General.

“In order to fulfill the said section 5, you should as well seek for legal clearance/advice from the Solicitor General who is the legal advisor of government to conclusively interpret for you the legal meaning of section 5 of the Access to information Act, 2005 and the attached legal implication,” she wrote.

She continued “More so, you may wish to note that; apart from unnecessary inconvenience, my office has not ascertained any cause of action in your letter. Lastly, this is to guide you to address your mind to the right addresses. For avoidance of doubt, it should be the appointing authority exclusively”.

However, on the same day, Arinaitwe Peter and Co. Advocates wrote back to Permanent secretary Office of the President stating that they are extending time within to avail academic documents.

“We make reference to our letter dated April 19, 2022 requesting for copies of the academic documents of all RDCs and their deputies. Please note that we have deemed it prudent and fair to allow you more time within which to prepare and avail us the said information and accordingly give you more 14 days in addition to the days which have so passed to make them 21 days as stipulated under the law,” reads the letter from Arinaitwe Peter and Co. advocates which Eagle Online has seen.

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