NMG Managing Director Tony Glencross

Intelligence has submitted a report to the Directorate of Immigration in regard to the conduct of Mr. John Wanjohi, the General Manager Finance at Nation Media Group Uganda.

Nation Media Uganda (NMG) owns Monitor Publications Limited, NTV, The East African newspaper among a host of other media related activities.

Wanjohi is being accused of segregation in his work place by favouring fellow Kenyans at the expense of Ugandans and it is said that he was behind many changes that have rocked both Monitor and NTV-Uganda with the latest being Pressbox.

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Sources in Intelligence/security circles told Eagle Online that Wanjohi orchestrated the recent changes where he recommended the sacking of senior Ugandan editors and managers while leaving fellow Kenyans.

“Our work was basically to look at the allegations levelled against him which we verified and the report has been handed to Immigration for action,” said a security source.

It is further alleged that Wanjohi labeled some senior reporters/managers who had vast sources within government and more so security as spies for the government whom the newsroom shouldn’t be employing.

“Why would a foreign national be interested whether one is a spy of the state or not? What is his intention in categorizing employees whom he found in place?” a state operative posed a question.

This is not the first deportation that Mr Wanjohi faces as he has been deported before by Tanzanian authority over similar allegations of segregation and mistreatment of Tanzanian nationals while working at Citizen/ Mwananchi a media subsidiary of NMG.

Sources at NMG told this website that the genesis of the problem is the NMG Managing Director Tony Glencross whose leadership skills are wanting and therefore, has left Wanjohi to run the show.

“He doesn’t respect anybody and rubbishes other leaders as if it is his parent’s company. Imagine in the recent strategic meeting, the editor refused to submit their workplan because he is always refusing to fund activities of the editorial department and that is why we couldn’t. Of course his major advantage is the inefficiency of the MD,” said a source at the Namuwongo based newsroom.

Wanjohi’s dominance over other MPL bosses is said to be backed by NMG CEO Stephen Gitagama in Nairobi.

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