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Muhoozi Birthday Celebrations: I propose internal (Primaries) elections to choose the most popular and pro-people UPDF Candidate 

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This is an open letter to Uganda’s hungry opportunists who crowded my son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba during the latter’s birthday-cum political launch for presidency of this fragile state at various venues around the country and I caution the son to beware of the ecstatic revelers at his own peril.

I met the now Gen. Muhoozi at age 12 in 1986 with the rest of the first family when they were booked by the Kenyan government at my internship five star Utalii Hotel at the Muthaiga/ Thika Road in Nairobi Kenya while on their return to Uganda for the first time after the NRA took power in January.

Opportunists tend to fabricate pretexts to gain advantage by hook or crook, they dishonestly tempt especially the unsuspecting victims. I can say without the slighted fear of contradiction that the launch was a very damaging start and conclusion at the same time. I saw about 30% of those same opportunists propping up the former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi (JPAM) in 2015/2016 and later dumped him after exhausting his life’s fortune. Some even went with his motor vehicles to date. I would have advised if I was part of the strategists that the “launch” be extended to April 2024 for this is special because it is called Jubilee. I do challenge any doubting Thomases to narrative that since now even serving military officers are allowed to talk and practice politics publically/ openly, I propose internal (Primaries) elections to choose the most popular and pro-people UPDF Candidate. I offer the short list below:-

East – Gen. Charles Angina, Jeje Odongo, Francis Chemo, Sam Okiding, David Gonyi, Joshua Masaba.

North – Charles Otema Awany, Fred Tolit, Dick Prit Olum, Andrew Guti

Central – Gen. Katumba Wamala, Joseph Musanyufu (hails from Bushenyi-Editor), David Ssejusa, Sam Kawagga

West – Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Ivan Koreta, David Kasura Kyomukama, Wilson Mbasu Mbadi, Akandwanaho Caleb.

See the illustrations below also:-

Case I: We have all probably heard the story of the Frog and the Scorpion.

The Scorpion which could not swim one day came down to the edge of the stream and noticed a Frog sitting there.

“Would you be willing to give me a ride on your back across this stream?” asked the Scorpion. “Do you take me for a fool?” That no sooner would I get to midstream than you would sting me?” the Frog replied. “Now why would I do that?” The Scorpion asked. “If I stung, we would both drown.” The Frog thought for a moment and decided that the Scorpion actually made sense.

So he let the Scorpion climb aboard and began swimming across the stream. Half way out the Scorpion jabbed the Frog with a vicious sting. As they both floundered in the water, the Frog gasped “you fool why did you do that? Now we are both going to draw.”

“I know” the Scorpion answered sheepishly as he sank beneath the surface. But you see I can’t help it. It’s just my nature, said the Scorpion.

Case II: A Southern Californian newspaper, several years ago had carried the following article which again has a direct bearing on the leaders we have in Uganda. A young man who lived in the Western states had never done anything (criminally) wrong. Picking up a revolver, he shot and killed his opponent. He was arrested, tried and sentenced to hang. Because of the innocent life he had previously lived, his relatives and friends got up a petition for him. It seemed as though everyone wanted to sign it. Before long other towns and villages had heard about it, and people all over the state eagerly endorsed the petition.

At last it was taken to the governor who happened to be a Christian and tears came to his eyes as he looked at the large baskets filled with petitions. He decided to pardon the young man. So, writing out the pardon he put it in his pockets, then dressed in the garb of a clergyman and made his way to the prison. As the governor approached the condemned cell, the young man sprang to the bars.

“Get out of here” he yelled, “I don’t want to see you.” I have heard enough religion at home and seven of your kind have visited me already.” “But” interrupted the governor “wait for a moment young man, I have something for you, let me talk to you”

“Listen” Exclaimed the young man in anger, “if you don’t get out of here now, I will call the guard and put you out.” As the governor went away, a warden then came to the young man to tell him that the departing man was actually the governor who had come to pardon him. The day came for the young man to die. “Tell all the young men of America that am not dying because of a crime, not because am a murderer. The governor pardoned me. Yes we can with strategy not opportunism

NABENDEH WAMOTO S.P (0776-658433)


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