Government has finally agreed to lift the two week suspension that had been imposed on Link Bus company after the grisly Fort Portal accident last week.

A preliminary report by government on the accident has since blamed human error on the side of the bus driver to have been the cause of the accident.

Government consequently suspended Link buses for a period of two weeks as investigations into the grisly accident continue.

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However, on Friday, the Works and Transport Minister, Gen Edward Katumba Wamala told journalists that government has finally lifted the suspension.

“Having gone all through processes and convinced that Link Bus has taken necessary process to address the challenges and have put in place measures to address gaps that were there, we have taken decision to lift the suspension against Link buses,” Gen Katumba said.

“They can start going back to the routes and also address some of the gaps created by their absence.”

He said the lifting of the suspension also came after the bus company offered to foot bills for burial arrangement and medical treatment for  the dead and injured respectively.

According to the Transport Minister, only buses  and drivers that have been verified by the ministry will be allowed back onto the road.

The development comes on the backdrop of meetings and promises by the management of the bus company to come good.

In a May, 12 letter to the Minister of Works and Transport, the Link Bus company Managing Director, Solomon Nsimire promised to come good on ensuring their drivers follow the set guidelines while on the road in the wake of the grisly accident involving one of their vehicles.

He said that since 2019, the company has been carrying out regular defensive driving trainings for its drivers both internally and those organized by the ministry.

“Following this accident, we recalled all our drivers for a three day defensive driving training and this was against conducted by UDSA and officials from Uganda Police. Our periodic training program will continue to be implemented,” Nsimire

The Link Bus Managing Director says will review and strengthen the conduct of their drivers to ensure they avoid a repeat of the grisly accident.

“We are going to review our disciplinary measures so that errant drivers are appropriately dealt with, including dismissal for those who persistently violate traffic regulations.”

“We shall work with our managers to ensure that drivers are given adequate time to rest so as to avoid fatigue which at times contributes to accidents.”

The management of the bus company said they would strengthen the driver disciplinary committee to help ensure drivers adhere to set standards.

“We are to strengthen this committee to ensure it can look into the life styles of drivers after work to ensure they get enough rest. Going forward, we are going to involve this committee in in the recruitment process of new drivers to ensure we hire competent drivers,” the Link Bus company Managing Director said.

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