City businessman Hamis Kiggundu popularly known as Ham.

Kiham Enterprises Uganda Limited, a company owned by city businessman Ham Kiggundu has insisted that it still legally owns the 140-acre Kigo land that has been under contention between Buganda Kingdom and the company.

The land that is beefing up the Buganda Land Board (BLB) and Ham Kiggundu is located in Kyadondo Block 273 plots FRV WAK 6104/25, Plots 23974, 23976, 23975, 23977, and Kyadondo Block 273 plots 87, 99, 110 and others situate at Kigo.

According to the report made by RSU Kizito Bashir Juma, it is claimed that the freehold of the kiham Enterprises (U) Limited was illegally created over the Mailo land titles.

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Muwema and Company Advocates, lawyers of Ham Kiggundu were tasked to ascertain whether or not the freehold certificates of titles owned by Kiham Enterprises were erroneously and illegally created to overlap the Mailo land comprised in Kyadondo Block and also to check the accuracy of the survey report made by Kizito Bashir Juma.

The lawyers addressed the issue of the survey by understanding the entire Kyadondo Block 237 through extracting cadastral sheets or maps from the Department of Surveys in Entebbe and various areas schedules were obtained from Wakiso Ministerial Zonal offices- Kyadondo Branch.

“The extracted cadastral sheets were digitized to convert them from analogue maps into UTM coordinate system and or into computer system processed data,” Lawyers stated.

The lawyers further alerted that the land where their client’s freehold titles are situate are part and parcel of the total lake and constitutes former public land vested in government pursuant article 244 (1) (a) of the constitution.  The Wakiso Land Board has the power to hold and allocate land under the said provision.

“It should be noted that the Serena Kigo land lease was created earlier than our client’s freehold titles. So by the time our client obtained the titles, the size on the ground had been distorted,” lawyers said.

Based on their submission, the lawyers contend that the client’s freehold titles are not liable to be cancelled because they were lawfully issued to it by the Wakiso Land Board and they do not overlap with the Mailo land.

In March, Buganda Land Board (BLB) petitioned police seeking its intervention to stop construction of a road and drainage channel through Plot 273, 38, 87, 99,110 and others allegedly belonging to Buganda Kingdom.

The kingdom averred that Kiggundu illegally created official kingdom Milo land, free hold title composed of WAK 6104, FOLIO 25, Block 273, Plot 23977 and the same are under cancellation proceeding at the Ministry of Lands.

According to Kiggundu, the said land is a Freehold land granted by Wakiso District Land Board and the Freehold Land Titles were issued in November 2019 by Wakiso District Land Office. The subject land falls under ‘Public Land’ formerly Plot 20 and referred to as, ‘Total Lake Area’, originally measuring approximately 289.34 Acres.

Kiham Enterprises Uganda Limited is in advanced stages of building an Integrated Sports Complex called Ham Sports Club.

It accommodates three state of the art football playgrounds (including two training grounds), two Olympic size swimming pools, World Class Gym, four basketball  courts, four tennis courts, four netball courts, all indoor games,  accommodation facilities and a grade four medical health facility.

The boundary opening is aimed seeking clarifications and ascertaining the true location of both properties and as a way of confirmation that truly, the two properties are separate, do not overlap into one another, one is a Private Mailo land whereas the other is Public land, and that the only common identifier of the two properties is the shared Plot Boundaries and the fact that they all fall in the same Block and County. 

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