Joseph Kabuleta

The former presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta has revealed that the Ministry of Health is plotting to roll out #Covid-19 vaccinate exercises where learners will get jabs without their parents’ consent.

Recently, the ministry of Health revealed plans to inoculate 16 million learners between the age of five and 12 years. The vaccination exercise was scheduled to be carried out in May and June.

Last month, the Minister of Education and Sports Janet Kataha Museveni said the government will not force learners to get vaccinated.

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“The vaccination of children will need consent from parents. I am aware of the current legal regime which requires that one should get consent before being vaccinated. Parents can take such decisions on behalf of their children.” She said

Kabuleta said they got information from generous Ugandans that the Ministry of Health is planning to vaccinate all learners starting from 15th to 20th June, 2022.

“Covid-19 vaccine has long term dangers and health complications in children. The Health Ministry has already distributed the vaccines across the country. Dangers of vaccines to adults are very minimal compared to the dangers on children,” he said.

He said; “We have learnt that most Covid-19 vaccines expired in April this year and the new consignment which the government got recently is not enough to inoculate all learners across the country. We think they are going to use the expired vaccines. Once the Covid-19 vaccine bottle is opened, the shot gets spoiled within one hour if not utilized.”

“There are clowns at the Ministry of Health who want to become mass murderers but we shall not keep quiet on this. They know the risks and their children are not going to be vaccinated. I know their identities and I will expose them in case they insist on carrying out the exercise. If children die, parents should know whom to attack or hold accountable,” he said.

“They want to vaccinate children because they want to get money from a person (International businessman Bill Gates) who wants to reduce Africa’s population.”

He urged parents to warn head teachers against allowing Health Ministry officials to vaccinate their children without their consent.

“When it comes to vaccination, let parents make the decision but not the government. I have no problem with the exercise if parents consent but I will not allow my child to be vaccinated since there are minimal risks of Covid-19 on children.”

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