Trevor Baleke

Kole Deputy Resident District Commissioner (DRCD), Trevor Solomon Baleke has urged parents to prioritize taking their children to schools other than leaving them to loiter around and grazing cattle.

Mr. Baleke said at an event where primary schools in Kole celebrated following scooping several medals in this year’s athletics.

“You should get more concerned when your neighbor’s son is not in school yet your daughter is studying and vice versa. This is because the uneducated might end up either influencing your child to drop out of school or engage them into acts that shall affect their school life,” he said.

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 “If you only focus on educating the girl child when boys are loitering and grazing cattle, your educated daughter will get married to a herder who won’t even allow her to work,” he said.

He urged parents of children with special needs to prioritise taking them to schools for them to learn and equip them with skills to succeed in future. Kole district was sixth in the national athletics of primary pupils with special needs.

The Deputy RDC said sports is one of the most profitable and paying ventures in the world and urged parents and schools to explore children’s talents.

“Parents must play a greater role in instilling social skills in children before the age of three years. Proper social skills equip a child to develop advanced cognitive skills during the school years,” he said.

“My sister Caroline Angolere, the RDC has told me to assure you that we shall as the office of the president always support you in whichever activities aimed at making your future bright,” he said.

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