Museveni with galla goats

The government has come up with a resettlement package for youths who volunteer out of cattle rustling in Karamoja sub-region.

For the last three months, the region has been engulfed by insecurity. The insecurity is linked to cattle rustling where over 70,000 have been raided. Last month, Joint Security Forces launched Cordon and Search Operations across nine districts of Karamoja Sub-region.

Since then the Joint Security Forces has been able to arrest 3592 suspects, screened and released 2298 persons, prosecuted and remanded 396. Another 898 suspects are still in custody and 22 pieces of armed forces uniforms have been recovered.

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Museveni said the idea that it is a way of life (culture) for young people to be involved in cattle rustling is risky for their lives as it pits them against state machinery where they have no chance and indeed many of them have died in these skirmishes.

 “In Karamoja region, the government has come up with a resettlement package for youth who volunteer out of this mess. We have started with a number of goats (16 per person), and 26 iron sheets to facilitate permanent structures,” he said.

 “I congratulate the young people who have decided to get out of this mistake, like the muzukullu  Lomonyang Silivia from Lokitumo Mogoth who testified that she wanted her husband to remain alive, so she surrendered his gun to the authorities,” Museveni said.

The project, according president Yoweri Museveni, will help in the fight against poverty and promote nutrition in Karamoja. Commercially, galla goats have a great market in the Middle East.

While meeting security personnel at Morulinga state lodge in Napak, Gen Museveni was shocked to learn from the 3rd Div Commander Brg. Gen Joseph Balikuddembe, that some political and clan leaders in Karamoja are engaged in the business of selling of guns to facilitate cattle rustling.

“As part of the ongoing exercise appraising the security situation in areas affected by the criminality of cattle rustling, we are also telling the leaders to interest Karimajongs in alternative activities that will guarantee prosperity,” he said.

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