Just a few years ago, betting was illegal in Uganda. However, since the intervention of President Yoweri Museveni in 2016, betting became legal, with rules and regulations established to secure punters.

Apart from the regulations created to protect online sports bettors, the national gaming board also provided licenses to bookmakers. So, aside from checking online reviews, like betPawa review, punters should be able to find the proof of licensing on the bookmakers’ website. 

Since its legalization, sports betting has become very popular in Uganda, with fans of teams making wagers to add excitement to their games. Nevertheless, fans cannot bet on sportsbooks that do not have licenses since it is illegal for those companies to operate in the country.

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Sports bettors are always looking for the best bookmakers to serve their interests. This article will reveal some of the best ways to find quality bookmakers.

Things to Look Out for In a Bookmaker

  • Understand your Betting Needs

If you’re confused about what type of punter you are, you’d be most likely confused about which bookmaker to select. You need to tailor your needs to the sport you intend to bet on, the type of bonuses you want to get, and the deposit or withdrawal methods you’re willing to consider.

You also need to answer questions like the type of bet markets you’re willing to bet on consistently and your betting frequency. Answering these questions will place you on the right road to choosing a quality bookmaker.

  • Positive Reviews

The sentiment displayed in reviews gives one of the best ways to evaluate a company’s services. If other customers enjoyed the experience with the company, you’d most likely have the same experience. The internet has made reviews about a particular business easily accessible.

One good place you can find reviews is the sportsbook’s website. However, the catch is that the website will only display the reviews that give off the most optimistic voices. So, it’s often better to check for the reviews in an app store.

Perhaps the best source for reviews is an online forum. There you’d be able to sift through both positive and negative ones.


Sports betting in Uganda has been legal since 2016, and Ugandans have taken to betting like fish to water. Nonetheless, the flurry of bookmakers out there can get a bettor confused. That’s why one needs to look out for the qualities of a good bookmaker.

First, you need to understand what you want out of sports betting. Second, you have to look out for positive reviews on the bookmaker on app stores and forums.