NUP Headquarters -Kibalama faction

A faction of the National Unity Platform (NUP), led by Moses Kibalama has ended its relationship with the people power movement and unveiled new offices in Lubaga.

Tugume Gideon, the faction’s Secretary for Information, said in a press release that as per the delegates conference of the National Unity Platform held on the 27th May 2022, it was resolved that the party finds new headquarters from Kamwokya in fulfilment of the decision of the delegate, the Central Executive Committee of the party.

He claimed lack of transparency in the people power movement leadership, failure to provide accountability by its leaders and failing to respect and follow the party’s constitution.

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Moses Kibalama

The faction also accused people power movement of failing to contain discipline within the party, exhibiting of dictatorial management of the NUP affairs, failing to open up structures and suffocating the party organs.

“As NUP, we needed to facilitate and nature internal democracy within the party,” Tugume said.

He added that People power movement closed all avenues of creating good working relationships with other political players in the opposition fraternity and suffocating of avenues of dialogue in the political space of the country.

“The new administrative leadership of the party as a result off the 27th May 2022 delegates conference is now mandated and charged with the day to day running of the party activities both here and outside the country,” Tugume said.

NUP is already working up to speed to field candidates in all the by-elections and women elections at all levels in all areas as declared by the electoral commission and “very optimistic to win all areas”.

“The head office is now officially open for all elected members of NUP at all levels inclufing the meme of parliament to come and formalize their memeerb to get the blessings of the real Bishops of NUP.”

“NUP therefore issues a strong warning ro whoisever id foung using party colours, symbols, stamps and any other party materials without peri\mission form the party leadesgipo, as suc g will attratdv very punitively,” he warned.

“All authorities are hereby informed to disregard Kamwokya as National Unity Platform head office.”

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