Opposition MPs led by Mathias Mpuuga (2nd R)

The Opposition Members of Parliament have patted themselves on the back for achievements registered in the First Session of the 11th Parliament.

The legislators headed by the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Mathias Mpuuga, indicated that 11 statements were presented in Parliament under Rule 53, 12 minority reports were presented and 21 alternative policy statements were read.

In a press conference to highlight the business conducted by the Opposition in Parliament on 20 June 2022, the legislators hailed the government for adopting some of their recommendations and ideas.

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According to Hon. Joyce Bagala, the Shadow Minister for Information and Anti-Corruption, some of the key milestones of the Opposition included ‘putting breaks’ on excessive local borrowing and providing an alternative to the Parish Development Model, proposals to reduce electricity tariffs and blocking the controversial Uganda-Vinci coffee Agreement among others.

“Despite the high level of debt, government pushed for additional domestic borrowing equal to Shs2 trillion to finance the supplementary budget. The Leader of Opposition assembled his political and technical resources in the relevant committee that officially rejected the borrowing,” Bagala read in a statement.

The opposition also cited advocacy on human rights as their achievements in the First Session.

Bagala also hailed the government for taking on some of their recommendations.

“Parliament unanimously adopted the position of the Opposition on decentralization of local revenue. This was a principle set out in the Opposition Legislative Agenda. The policy had made local governments nonfunctional as all revenues were taken away,” she said.

According to Bagala, government adopted some of their proposals which have ended up saving taxpayers money.

Meanwhile, the Opposition distanced itself from the rumours that Members of Parliament were paid Shs40 million.

Some of the achievements of the Opposition in Parliament include; Presenting the Opposition Legislative Agenda, Providing an alternative to the Parish Development model, Stopping the controversial Uganda Vinci Coffee Agreement and Advocating for Human Rights.