Kampala’s iconic red tiled roofs look beautiful against the blue water

There are so many beautiful places to explore in Uganda that it’s a wonder any of us bother going on vacation abroad. Much of Uganda’s tourism is focused on the natural landscape, our wealth of wild animals and getting away from it all. However, Kampala, the national and commercial capital, has an unrivalled mixture of that wonderful wilderness and refined urban delights too. That’s why for this guide, we’re going to take you to the red tiled villas of Kampala, to enjoy a little bit of city and a little bit of wildlife.

Experience Wildlife Up Close

A moment with a gorilla is one you’ll never forget

Despite being a sprawling city, Kampala is remarkably close to lots of unspoilt wilderness. Lake Victoria borders it to one side, whilst to the other is the endless jungle. This makes Kampala the perfect pick-up point for those wanting to take a tour of the jungle and hopefully catch a glimpse of some of its inhabitants. Most people choose to spend a considerable amount of time on a gorilla safari, often up to two whole weeks. However, if you’re pressed for time, as we are in this weekend guide, then it is absolutely possible to catch a glimpse of these beautiful creatures in as little as a day.

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Arrive at the pick-up point in central Kampala bright and early and your own personal guide will drive you into the mountains. Here you’ll be expected to hike for some miles, so physical fitness is a must. Much as the hike is hard work and the terrain can be challenging, you will be mightily rewarded if you catch sight of some of the most elusive creatures in the country. Prices vary from operator to operator and, naturally, they also fluctuate enormously depending on the amount of time you decide to devote to tracking gorillas. Escaping to the jungle is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and without a doubt the very best way to start your long weekend in Kampala.

Head Home to Humura Resorts

On the walk back to your hotel there is plenty to see in central Kampala, including the famous Kampala Casino, that’s renowned throughout Uganda for being one of the biggest and best in the whole country. There you’ll find lots of table games, as well as slot machines that even beginners can play. Of course, if you’re a little worn out from your gorilla tracking and don’t quite feel up to exploring Kampala’s most famous casino, then you can always enjoy some of the fun from your bedroom. The hotel is happy for you to use their complimentary WiFi to play on your choice of online casino, meaning that you can enjoy the same games from the comfort of your bedroom. Before logging on to your casino of choice, it’s a good idea to check out some of the latest casino bonuses that are available in your country. Vegas Slots Online provides lots of information on not just Vegas casinos, but casinos that are available to play all over the world. They include information on bonuses, as well as the variety of games that are available to play, as well as the different methods and currencies that you can make your deposits and withdrawals.

Once inside the Humura Resorts hotel, you’ll immediately notice how everything luxurious all of the fixtures and amenities are. This luxury hotel only opened in March of 2021 and has already cemented its position within Kampala’s competitive luxury hotel market. As well as being conveniently located in the heart of Kampala, the hotel also boasts many of its own conveniences on-site, including free private parking, a stunning swimming pool, a state-of-the-art gym and a well-reviewed restaurant.  

Visit Ssezibwa falls

For your final day in Kampala, it’s time to travel just thirty kilometres from the centre to enjoy one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Uganda, Ssezibwa falls. This particular waterfall is believed to have been made by just one woman centuries ago who was on her way to Kavuma Bukunja and needed a river to speed her progress. This tale has been passed down from generation to generation and as such, Ssezibwa Falls is an important spiritual monument for many Ugandans. Once you’re at the falls you’ll likely find a spiritual healer nearby, these healers can perform elaborate ceremonies for you and your loved ones, helping you to let go of grief, achieve new levels of personal success, conceive children and many other life goals. Such is the magic of the Ssezibwa water that these kinds of rituals can become possible.

After your ceremony, you can take part in many activities, indeed, if you’d like to see gorillas again then this is possible locally, but so too are many other activities. The falls are an attraction for wading birds who fish in the depths, so bird watchers can be amused for hours. Also hiking and canoeing around the rivers is a relaxing way to get a whole new view of the landscape.