The Ministry of Internal Affairs has revealed that 99 per cent of Ugandans don’t have passports. The Revelation was made by Simon Peter Mudeyi, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to Mundeyi, that percentage is so worrying compared to other countries in the world where almost every citizen has a passport.

He alluded to the low applications to the high cost of passports, people’s mentality that passports are issued to corporate people and individuals who intend to travel abroad.

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“Only 0.03% of Ugandans own passports. We have also embarked on the process of sensitizing Ugandans about how to acquire a passport so that the sharp Ugandans, the brokers, do not con them.” he said

“We urge all foreign residents who are living and working in the country to make sure they legalize their stay in the country. Foreign nationals should visit our portal, and apply for the relevant immigration activities that match what they are doing in the country.”

Mundeyi said passports are national documents and therefore every Ugandan should apply and own one and avoid applying during emergency times.

“Recently children were traveling on their parent’s travel documents but the law has changed. We are now issuing passports to every Uganda from the age of one day.” he said.

Mundeyi advised Ugandans not to apply for passports when they are faced with emergencies but to apply on time to avoid inconveniences.

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