Sheebah performing at a school

The Ministry of Education and Sports has banned all artistes from performing and holding concerts at schools.

The ban follows several video clips circulated on social media showing musicians Sheebah, Winnie Nwagi and others portraying indecency as they performed for students. In the videos, they show artistes dressed in skimpily dresses, making erotic and seductive dances.

According to Dr. Jane Egau Okuo, the acting Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education, on July 11, the country woke up to the shocking videos that were circulating on social media to portray the indecency that is allowed in schools. She said there have been several unacceptable and offensive functions allowed in schools under the guise of co-curricular and entertainment activities.

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“Extra co-curricular activities in schools include sports and games, debate clubs and others. If schools need to entertain themselves, they can engage themselves in acting plays or arrange concerts. However inviting artists who dance erotic dances, naked in schools under the guise of extra-curricular activities must be forbidden,” she said.

As its meeting held on July 18, 2022, the senior management resolved that the Ministry of Education and Sports is compelled to provide guidelines on the nature and conduct of co-curricular and entertainment activities allowed in schools.

“Everybody must remember that the Ministry of Education and Sports is the custodian of the values and behavior of the children of Uganda while at school, whether those schools belong to the government or private individuals.”

She directed head teachers and principals of both primary and secondary schools to stop hiring any of the artistes to perform in schools. Failure to comply, school managers will be held responsible and disciplinary measures will be charged against them.

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