Colourful Swahili Night launched in Kampala

The first of a kind Swahili Night premiered at the Protea Hotel Kampala last weekend reinforcing the growing recognition of Kiswahili as a continental global language and culture. 

With Uganda formally adopting Kiswahili as the official language, the highlight of the night was event crowning the month of July with celebrations of the Kenyan culture showcasing the food, entertainment and dress of the Swahili people who hail mainly from the East African Coast. 

Today, more than 200 million people speak Kiswahili making it among the 10 mostly spoken languages globally. During the evening, the guests and patrons explored the Coastal Kenyan kitchen.  

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These included Roasted Nile perch, goat muchomo, goats biryani, Wali wa nazi (coconut), Pilau ya mbuzi, maize, Irish, pumpkin leaves, onions. Others were; Samaki wa nazi (Coconut sauce), Mrenda stew (okra and pumpkin leaves), Ugali (Posho), Samosas, Matumbo ya mbuzi (goats offals), Fried banana, specially prepared by Chef Paul Malikisi.

Legacy 256 Band entertained the audience with popular Swahili lyrics from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. 

Representatives from the Kenya High Commission had the opportunity to entertain the crowed with popular tunes like “Malaika, and Jambo Bwana” giving the look and feel of Kenyan Swahili culture.

Marvin Bisanga, the Head of Marketing at Simba Group, confirmed that Swahili Night will feature every last Saturday of the month and everyone is welcome to sample the great cuisine and entertainment that the Swahili are well known for.