Victoria University held its 6th Graduation during a ceremony held at Speke Resort Munyonyo on Saturday 3rd September 2022.

Dr Lawrence Muganga delivered an indelible send-off message to graduands.

“At this moment in history, the world has a hunger for a resource like you: one unafraid of new challenges, one with the tenacity to surmount the insurmountable; one with the foresight to anticipate the unforeseeable, one with the flexibility to adapt to the world,” he said. 

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The University Chancellor  Prof. Opuda-Asibo John said he is sure experiential learning as a model has been a rewarding experience and pledged the University leadership to demonstrate the best of its rewards.

Prof. Opuda-Asibo said “with a conducive working and study environment enjoyed at Victoria University, a platform to succeed is inevitable.”

The Chancellor is self-assured Victoria University will retain its place at the summit as ‘change makers’ if it commits to attracting top-tier staff and top-tier students.

The Minister of State for Higher Education John Chrysestom Muyingo lauded the remarkable transformations at the University. 

He said “Victoria University students are a safe pair of hands; one of a kind not synonymous with strikes.”

Victoria University, is one of the best universities in Uganda, and stands out as a centre of academic excellence. It offers a fresh and intellectually stimulating environment that nurtures critical thinkers.

The university was opened in August 2010 and has the capacity, the facilities and determination to revitalize higher education in Uganda and in the region.

It is committed to playing a leading role in bringing and developing high quality, student–centered learning opportunities based on standards of excellence that are unique, innovative and difficult to match.

It is centrally located in the heart of Kampala City and on the main public transportation routes coupled with ample parking space.

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