Robert Kabushenga

The war over Nyege Nyege has escalated with an aide to the Speaker of Parliament, Joseph Sabiti telling off former New Vision CEO Robert Kabushenga to stop intimidating and badmouthing them over their decision to block the function.

Parliament yesterday directed for the cancellation of Nyege Nyege, a controversial festival over concerns of sexual immorality. The festival that is scheduled for Thursday, 15 September 2022 for three days at the Source of the Nile in Jinja district was first held in 2015.

“It is common knowledge that Parliament is itself a #NyegeNyegeFestival that runs in five year cycles. And using taxes to irregularly buy ultra-luxury Benzes at inflated prices while denying ordinary folks an opportunity to earn a little money from an event is a moral hazard!” Kabushenga commented on Parliament’s decision.

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Joseph Sabiti replied to Kabushenga; “How did it feel enjoying the luxury rides and all the inflated privileges that came with being CEO of an entity funded by the taxpayer for all those years?”

The Minister of Ethics and Integrity Rose Lilly Akello said that government has been working together with the Uganda Police and the event organisers and hat the latter have been summoned for a meeting in which they will have to agree to certain terms and conditions for the event to proceed.

Martin Mugarra, the Minister of State for Tourism, said Nyege Nyege is a huge tourism opportunity that has so far attracted over 8,000 tourists flying into Uganda and have bought entry tickets and booked hotels.

“As we speak now, around 8,000 foreigners have already paid tickets and have booked to come and sleep in this country,” he said. He agreed that there was need to set conditions for the event to happen.

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