Timber factories have been tasked to provide evidence of the sustainable source of raw materials before they are approved in Uganda by the National Environment Management Authority. (NEMA).

Dr. Barirega Akankwasa the NEMA Executive Director said that the development by NEMA is intended to consolidate national efforts to restore national forest cover, to curb rampant harvest of premature trees and poaching of trees from the protected areas.

The notice comes a few weeks after NEMA issued another notice directing all people settling on wetlands across the country to immediately vacate as a measure to restore wetlands in Uganda.

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“The efforts are in line with President Museveni’s directive to have all encroachers on wetlands evicted and all their structures demolished without compensation from the government,” Akankwasa said.

He added that the president also emphasized protection of the environment as part of a national and global plan to fight the effects of climate change.

The national plan involves planting of trees as a means to restore forest cover but also preserving natural forests. It also involves restoration of wetlands as well as reducing practices which degrade soil, wetlands and forests in the country.

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