Professor Elli Katunguka Rwakishaya, the Kyambogo University Vice Chancellor has raised a concern of his worries over the overwhelming malpractices during the examinations among the students.

In an interview with this reporter, the Vice Chancellor said that the number of students caught in this malpractice every day is worrying. He said that over one hundred students have been found with forged examination permits trying to access the examination rooms.

According to Professor Katunguka, by the time the examinations started, they realized over Seven Thousand students had not registered and fully paid tuition, and that this meant they would not sit for examinations.

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“It is a requirement for every student to register and pay all the university dues before sitting examinations. Once you register, the system captures your information and allows you to print your examination permit, and it is that permit that allows you to sit for the examinations,” he explains.

The Vice Chancellor said that it has been observed that all these students that did not register have turned into using all the forgeries in order to sit for examinations, adding that some other students go ahead to hire machineries to sit for their exams.

“These students have connived with people around the Banda area to forge examination permits, and do not pay the university. We have put a mechanism of checking the permits in examination rooms, and we have already captured more than hundred students,” Professor said.

He says these suspects are now assisting police to conduct investigations about this wide ranging malpractice.

The Vice Chancellor warns whoever is involved in this malpractice to stop it to avoid the worst. “I therefore want to warn students that this act will lead to cancellations in the university as per Senate guidelines.”

He further urges parents of all the students to be concerned about their children, and to take a step to find out if their children have cleared their school fees, or if there are any challenges they are encountering.

“Parents take interest in the progress of your students and when this happens, you should not blame management for not informing you that this is happening in the university.  My hope is that we work with students, parents and administration to make sure that we curtail this malpractice. It is not a good one and we are not training the right thinking people for our country,” he warns.

Kyambogo University students started conducting Semester I and Semester two examinations this week on 5th Monday and it will end on 2nd October.

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