Uganda Police Force-UPF have highly praised Fulltime Security Services Limited, a Kireka based private security company for keeping their guard force up to the standards by reskilling and upskilling them.

Through the Commissioner of Private Security Organizations-PSO, Charles Ssebambulidde, Police has hailed the management for ensuring an effective and thorough training always extended to the security guards.

Speaking at the pass out function of over eighty (80) highly reskilled and upskilled security guards over the weekend, the Commissioner in charge of PSO revealed that keeping the workforce skilled is very important, and it should be embraced by every employer that expects a productive outcome from their employees. He said there are few private security companies that invest in training their security guards.

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“Fulltime Security is one of those few unique private security companies that I have seen that think of having a trained guard force. With all the demonstrations that you have exhibited here, you guys are wonderful, keep it up.”

Afande Ssebambulidde further revealed that lack of training among security operatives has cost many. He cited how some have lost lives, property and others firearms for improper handling.

One of the issues that Afande Ssebambulidde is concerned about is keeping security guards equipped with skills by always conducting refresher training.

He remarks that what Fulltime Security is doing is very right, and that they should keep the ball rolling. He noted that most people who joined security guarding are always green about security issues, therefore there is a big need for training them before sending them out for work. He urges other private security companies to borrow a leaf from Fulltime, and train guards.

“Am impressed that you are giving these people training. There is no difference in security, once you put on uniform, you’re qualifying and when a thug is coming to you, he comes with a mindset that they are attacking a trained person, and once they find you are not trained, it becomes a different story,” he added.

Paddy Tumuhimbise, the Managing Director of Fulltime Security Services Limited, while reacting to Commissioner Ssebambulidde’s comments, said it is unprofessional to deploy untrained guards. He said this is mediocrity in the industry, adding that he does not see a motive why someone should be sent for work before attaining training.

“Our aim at Fulltime Security Services Ltd, is to make sure that our clients are satisfied. Am not saying that we are angels in this business. We are not even 100% perfect, but we make sure that at least we satisfy most of them,” he clarifies.

Ssebambulidde also used the same platform to address the trainees about the tricks that thieves/thugs use to trick most of the security guards while doing their duties. He cautioned them to always remain security conscious to avoid problems of such nature.

According to the Commissioner, it is because of poor training among some private security companies that leads their staff into funny behaviors like begging for food stuff that the thugs use as a trick to feed them with food stuff mixed with chloroform to douse them off, so that they can execute their missions.

Ssebambulidde further cautioned them to be watchful especially to those people who find them working, and try to show them mercy by offering them eats and drinks. The Commissioner said, this trick by thieves has led many security guards to death, and others to prisons.

Just like Commissioner Ssebambulidde, Mr. Tumuhimbise noted that he and his team spend most of the time briefing the staff about the dangers of accepting offers from such people, adding that most of them come with their ambitions.

He confessed that he is lucky because all the years that he has managed Fulltime Security, they have not had such incidents. He attributes this achievement to having a disciplined guard force that takes instructions seriously.

“My employees are always keen and cautious of such scenarios. When we are sending them out for work, we have always briefed them, both the group that stays near us and those that are out post-away from offices, through their immediate supervisors,” he explained.

He also explained how he established the communication system that enables the system controller and managers to keep in touch with security guards who are in the field. Because of this, he said guards are always notified of any update that needs to be communicated.

The Managing Director recalls how he has heard, read and seen sad news of guards dying, and others losing property because of accepting offers from strangers.

It should be noted that most serial robbers use this trick and they sedate guards and end up fulfilling their plans. Many of these thieves use the advantage of some guards being always hungry and when they see food, they fail to think twice, hence falling victim.

Ssebambulidde Tasks Security Guards To Comply With Police’s Directives

Afande Ssebambulidde narrated how he one day sent a District Police Commander-DPC to check on private security guards, and when they saw him they ran away and refused to give him firearms. He said this was not right, and warned that security guards must know that once an identifiable police officer asks them to check on them, they should not hesitate.

All you should know is that private security companies are working under, and hand in hand with other security agencies. When a site is robbed, a police officer in charge will not be happy,” he asserts.

He therefore asked Fulltime Security guards to always comply when the police officers in charge of the area they are operating from approach them and in a right way, request the guard to check how the firearm(s) is functioning.

He adds that once the guard accepts to work as a security guard, he/she is answerable to Police, therefore, Police in an area where the private security company is operating will always make sure that guards are safe and their firearms are in good working condition.

He furthermore reminded security guards to be exemplary and be good ambassadors of Fulltime Security Services Ltd, by offering quality services and acting professionally. By doing this, the company shall get business hence creating more jobs for unemployed citizens.

According to the Statutory Instrument No.11 of 2013, it is the role of Inspector General of Police to ensure that the PSOs provide quality service to clients, use firearms in their custody properly and keep them safely. The IGP must also ensure that PSO personnel meet minimum standards of operational capability and discipline. The RPCs and DPCs carry out the day to day functions of overseeing the PSOs on behalf of the IGP. Every year, the IGP must issue an assessment certificate for each PSO in the country.

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