ASP Faridah Nampiima

The Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Faridah Nampiima has revealed that 866 accidents were registered in the last two weeks. Of the 866, 292 crashes were fatal, 380 were serious, and 194 were minor.

She noted that the highest contributor to these crashes is reckless driving, reckless pedestrians, over speeding, among others.

Police are on the eighth day of their boda-boda operation, mainly targeting crash helmets and reflector jackets. The operation resulted in impounding of 12,217 motorcycles countrywide. Out of these, 10,167 riders have been issued EPS tickets, and the operation continues.

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“Those who don’t have the right of way but pretend to and drive recklessly, the operation is still ongoing, and whoever is a culprit will be taken to court. We encourage the public to observe discipline while using the roads,” she said.

She applauded the general public for the support and the riders who have complied and called upon those who are yet to comply to do so.

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