Science and technology are important components of modern life. They have long gone beyond local boundaries and today affect everyone’s life. Technological products have always changed and continue to change human life. Somewhere – in a positive direction, somewhere – in a negative way, but there are usually more benefits. Therefore, it is irrational to deny the technological process or try to abandon it. We invent ways to live more comfortably, safer, healthier and more interesting.

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How scientific and technological progress has changed humanity

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An urbanized society is concentrated in cities. A large population is a strong demand, therefore, in such a society, public, administrative, financial, and cultural resources are concentrated in cities. Therefore, developed cities quickly swell and often turn out to be overcrowded – they provide something that is not available in small settlements.

Modern technologies and their role in human life

The transition from manual labor to mechanization opened the way towards automation and robotization. From electrical to electronics, and from it to computer science and information technology. At this stage humanity is now. With the advent of industrial robots, machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud services, a person is ready to entrust production to machines, and leave control to himself.

The concept of the «Internet of things» has appeared: devices and systems that are used in industry, the domestic sphere, public life and at the global level communicate with each other via the Internet. Moreover, they adjust their work in accordance with changes in external and internal conditions.

Here are some examples of how technology has changed and continues to change human life:

  • Robots and automatic systems teach us. They do not forget information, they easily find it, operate, and also adapt to the individuality of students.
  • We communicate in a new way. Most of the communication of modern man takes place on the Internet. Even 20 years ago, this was hard to imagine. Take away the Internet from a person, and it will become much more difficult for him to contact friends, plan an exit from the house, pay for purchases, navigate the city, etc.
  • We got new habits and addictions. The approval of acquaintances and strangers, the desire and ability to show or see oneself in the best light, the ability to anonymously speak out on any occasion – these features of modern communication reveal both the best and worst sides of the character, and sometimes become psychological problems.
  • We know ourselves better. Sensors, sensors, big data processing in medical centers, compact biological data trackers – all this is designed to help those who want to be healthy. It is difficult and early to talk about an increase in duration under the influence of this factor. But with a reasonable approach, any invention is beneficial.
  • We become less critical. This may seem like a negative consequence, but the development of the situation is logical. After all, a person invents something that makes his life easier, makes it more pleasant. Therefore, both physical and mental challenges become less.
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