WE WILL HUNT THEM DOWN: Patrick Onyango.

Kampala Metropolitan Police has vowed to arrest demonstrators following an illegal demonstration that was staged at the home of businessman Mohan Kiwanuka by suspects whom they later learnt were his relatives.

It is alleged that the suspects who claim to be relatives of the businessman had gone to pay a visit but were restricted by Police.

Patrick Onyango, Deputy Spokesperson, Kampala Metropolitan Police said that they find the relatives’ allegations that they had gone to pay a visit disturbing.

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“Why would one go for a visit with the media for coverage and why bang the gate and start demonstrations?” Onyango worriedly asked..

Onyango has also warned members of the media to desist from being dragged into issues they don’t see to understand and don’t fall in their professional standards. Adding, “Why escort people who purport to go for a visit but end up demonstrating?”

“Nevertheless, the matter is still under investigation and once complete, we will place charges on those implicated in the demonstration,” he notified.

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