Prof Eli Katunguka, Vice Chancellor Kyambogo University. ( Photo by Ronald Shabomwe)

Police of Uganda have issued out security directives and guidelines to guide the graduands, parents and all the guests that are set to grace the 18th Graduation Ceremony of Kyambogo University.

Anatoli Katungwensi, the Assistant Commissioner of Police, has asked all the students and their parents intending to come for the graduation ceremony to be careful and cautious about their movements while they are coming for the graduation and going back home.

Katungwensi, who is also the Commander of Kampala Metropolitan East, directed that while travelling to Kampala, students should move hand in hand with their guardians/parents and make sure that they are safe.

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“You find a parent moving alone and a student moving alone. This sometimes leads to accidents and people getting lost. Therefore, students make sure that their parents are safe, because most of them come from villages, they are not used to the urban setting maneuvers”. He directed.

He said that they are guidelines provided by the University, and all indicated in the invitation cards must be adhered to.

“You must obey the set guidelines as you are attending all the graduation activities” As you plan to come, know that heavy bags, electronic gadgets like cameras and laptops, metallic materials and equipment etc., are not allowed within the graduation premises.” ACP Katungwensi said.

In the presence of over 12 senior Police Officers, ACP said that they have come in as police to ensure that the graduation ceremony goes on successfully as planned.

According to him, all the gates of the university will be open for the entry, apart from the Eastern gate, which will be only open for the exit. And the rest of the gates will be open for exit after the graduation ceremony.

He further urged parents to use their graduation stickers on their vehicles so that they can be recognized and be helped in case of any issues that need any attention. Adding that this is a National ceremony, it will be known by the entire Ugandans.

Each graduand is only allowed to invite two guests to accompany them. No more people shall be accepted.

Professor Eli Katunguka, the University Vice Chancellor had remarked that the campus will be closed for other university activities for all these three days.

“During the three days of the 18th Graduation ceremony, starting from Wednesday 7th to Friday 9th, there will not be any lectures taking place at Kyambogo.

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