Youtube has evolved in significant ways ever since its launch. What began as an entertaining platform is now one of the most effective marketing tools. 

I remember searching for the scariest, funniest, and ghost videos on Youtube as a kid. Growing up, I was always curious about the latest Nike Jordans or the new Sephora collection. It is the range of change Youtube has witnessed. 

It explains the significance of understanding the Youtube algorithm. When you get how YouTube targets the audience, you can devise your Youtube marketing strategy accordingly.

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People have begun understanding the Youtube SEO basics and are working towards perfecting their knowledge. It is why many of them buy Youtube subscribers and look for the best sites to buy Youtube subscribers to help them gain more traffic and increase engagement. 

This article will explain the basics of the Youtube algorithm IN 2023. We have simplified the concept to make the best of it for our readers. 

Things to Consider in the Youtube Algorithm 2023

1) User’s Watch History

2) Durations of Time and Interest

3) Importance and Commitment

We will elaborate on each point and explain how you can leverage each feature to create the perfect marketing strategy. 


Whether you open the app or the website, you first see the homepage listing several videos. You will notice that they are identical to the ones you’ve recently watched or broadcast on the same channel. Apart from this, your subscriptions also show up here. 

It is the most lucrative area for all social media marketers. Any user is most likely to click on the videos displayed on the homepage compared to those found after searching.

The homepage lists the videos as per the context. If there is a trending topic in your region related to movies, politics, viral videos, etc., there is a high chance of it showing up on the homepage.

Videos liked by the users with a high click-through rate and a high watch time also get listed on the homepage. 

This information is necessary to understand your target audience, create content and plan your strategy such that it ends up on their homepage. 

For this, the most vital step is to be consistent. The more actively you post, the better your chances are to end up on the home screen of your target audience.

Secondly, create content from the viewer’s point of view. Add elements and continue the way your audience would enjoy it. To understand this, you can analyze the popular channels in your niche. Examine what distinguishes them from others and why viewers are following their lead. It is always a great idea to learn.

As homepage suggestions are marked by the watch time, the number of likes, etc., you can buy YouTube subscribers, views, etc. It will help you in the process. Do not, however, rely solely on these strategies. Even the best sites to get YouTube subscribers will only give you a temporary and limited impact boost.

Suggestions Videos

When you listen to any of the latest music tracks or watch the tutorial to upcycle that old pair of jeans, don’t you see a list of suggested videos below or beside your main video?

If you did not understand how the woman turned the jeans into a tote bag, you might watch one of the suggested videos to understand better. So we can see how it fetched the other video views and engagement.

As a result, your videos must show-up in the suggested videos list. 

All the videos listed in this category are either the ones you have frequently watched from the same niche, related videos of the same or similar topic, or your watch history.

As a Youtube marketer, you can leverage this information using Youtube analytics. You can observe and understand what related topics your target audience is enjoying. Include those topics in your content plan to increase viewership and engagement. 

You can have multiple parts in addition to your best-performing videos and rely on curiosity.

Increase subscribers with a call to action at the end of each video. You can also add links.

Search Suggestions

Going back to the jeans upcycling example, when you searched “how to upcycle old jeans,” you did not get a single video, but there was a complete list.

The YouTube SEO determines the order in which these videos get displayed. Youtube search results are the area where SEO is most vividly visible.

The best optimized videos have the necessary keywords in their title and description along with the appropriate hashtags.

This posting is also affected by the performance of the video. Performance refers to the watch time, click-through rate, and the overall excitement generated by the video.

As a result, the key is to improve your keyword research to add the best keywords to our titles, descriptions, and hashtags. 

Everyone has realized the massive potential of YouTube. As a result, there are multiple tools to help you with your Youtube marketing. From the best sites to buy Youtube subscribers to Youtube tools for the right keywords and hashtags.


If you are annoyed about the constantly changing algorithms and updates, you must understand that every social media platform is also a business. To thrive, the owner must keep changing with time and trends. If they do not do this, their business will have no customers and get shut down.

As a result, social media platforms introduce changes to incorporate the trends and technologies.

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