Andrew Kilonzo - UBL MD (center) hands a copy of the Sustainability Report to Eng. David Luyimbazi as Damon Ansell - Diageo Africa Corporate Relations Director looks on

Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) has released its environmental impact Sustainability Report. The report, which is the second of its kind was released under the theme ‘Resilient, Impactful, Sustainable’.

The report highlights the impact of its sustainability initiatives under pillars including Preserving natural resources and making a positive contribution to the communities within which they operate; Promoting the positive and moderate consumption of alcohol and; Championing inclusion and diversity.

The report shows that the company completed Shs 37 billion biomass boiler, which will achieve a reduction in carbon emissions by approximately 90% and unlock a source of income for hundreds of suppliers of combustible materials like coffee husks, wood chips, etc.

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According to the report, the company achieved a 77% success rate in ensuring that 50% of all the beneficiaries under UBL’s community programs are women.

The report shows that one of its production lines is managed by a team made up of 75% women and onboarded 11 persons with disabilities under our internship program.

The company Smashed the anti-underage drinking program and reached 48,690 students against a target of 17,500.

“Under the world-class educational platform, to educate consumers on responsible drinking, achieved 3,263 site visits and module quiz completions, exceeding the target by more than 100%. Additionally, the brands leveraged their creativity and influence to combine brand promotion and responsible drinking messaging. They reached over 7.5 million consumers with messages of moderation, more than three times the target,” the report revealed.

Andrew Kilonzo , UBL’s Managing Director said, “The success of our business and the success of Uganda are joined at the hip. That is why we are very deliberate about sharing value and making a measurable impact in the communities in which we operate.”

UBL is implementing its it’s‘Society 2030: Spirit of Progress’ agenda – a 10-year environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) action plan to help create a more inclusive and sustainable world through 25 ambitious targets aligned to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the Government of Uganda’s Third National Development Plan’s program on Climate Change, Natural Resources, Environment, and Water Management.

The Deputy Executive Director of the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), Engineer David Luyimabazi, who was the Chief Guest and received the report– hailed UBL for being conscious of its role in enhancing Uganda’s environmental and socio-economic development.

“Your actions and initiatives should serve as an example for the wider private sector to be mindful of the impact their operations have on the environment and similarly make sustainability a critical part of their business strategies,” he said.

The EABL Sustainability Report is released by all three subsidiaries under EABL (Uganda Breweries, Kenya Breweries and Serengeti Breweries) and is meant to highlight the accomplishments of each of the business units’ sustainability efforts while committing to expanding and deepening the impact of these initiatives.

Andrew Kilonzo, UBL MD, said, “We know that, as a business that seeks to succeed in the long term, we have to measure ourselves by more than financial targets, important though they are. We also give ourselves targets on the impact we are creating in Uganda.”

“We ensure that our business operations are sustainable, then also find opportunities for strategic philanthropy to support communities that are in need in Uganda. Further, we embrace collaboration to collectively address systemic issues,” he said.

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