The Government of Uganda has extended its heart felt gratitude to Kyambogo University for its tremendous contributions to the education sector not only in Uganda but also in the whole World at large.

Dr. John Chrysestom Muyingo, the Minister for Higher Education, while officiating as a guest of honor at 18th graduation of Kyambogo University, said that the university has continuously contributed to the education sector in many ways. 

“I want to salute Kyambogo University for its continuous support to education sector. Kyambogo has trained teachers of all levels of education over many years across the country,” said the Minister.

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He revealed that recently, when the Education Ministry developed a National Teachers Policy that saw the creation of Uganda National Teacher  Education, to take over this responsibility, they hoped that the university will focus more on research, innovations and higher degrees, leaving unity to oversee the development of curriculum, training and examination of teacher trainees.

“We thank you Kyambogo university because as the Institute gets ready, you have continued to playing that important role until maybe some time to come.”

The minister reminds the university fraternity that the government, through the Public Private Partnership Act, allows universities to attract partners to supplement its funding to the university. He therefore encouraged more staff to get partnership and collaboration networks which will build research networks and strengthen the work integrated approach.

According to Minister Muyingo, the  Globalization and Digital Era has presented us with unprecedented opportunities, for partnership that can help people to leverage their networks and transform their societies together.

During the 18th graduation, Kyambogo will graduate five graduands with PhDs, an achievement Dr Muyingo felt happy about. He urged the university to work hard and keep increasing the numbers.

“We encourage you to continue growing numbers of PhD and Masters, especially in Science, Technology and Engineering. “Please prioritize research and position our students to become innovative and responsive to the changing needs of the world we live in today,” the minister urged.

He said that one should also remember that the university education, is not just about knowledge only but also about transformative knowledge that promotes critical thinking skills and helps learners to create new knowledge to their new life experience. He said this knowledge is best defined by the world economics forum on human capital which translates it as knowledge and skills that people possess that enables them to create value in the global economic system. 

The Minister also told graduands that what they are experiencing marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. “The event of today is to usher you into maturity and responsibility. What you have acquired from the university are skills and knowledge that you must now put to good use. Stay away from. destructions that will present themselves in the form of alcohol, drugs, peer Influence and other forms of irresponsible behavior. Focus on building your own brand and future. In all that you do, be humble and persistent”.

Dr Mary Gorreti Nakabugo, the Chairperson of Kyambogo University Council asked students to keep looking for more knowledge and skills in order to be able to compete with many others already in field. 

“To graduates, today is your day, and I wish you the best. Am confident that you will succeed in the world out there. There is no doubt. Have a positive attitude towards work and life, remain humble irrespective of the academic qualifications you have attained, continue searching for knowledge, learning has never ended. But most of all, be men and women of integrity. This world lacks men and women of integrity. And we hope that you’re going to be the light there” said Dr Nakabugo.

Over 12000 students are set to graduate with certificates, diplomas, degrees, Masters and PhD, during this 18th graduation. Professor Eli Katunguka, the Vice Chancellor said, this is the highest and largest number of students to graduate since the university started. The graduation will run from 7th Wednesday to 9th Friday.

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