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10 Best Cryptocurrency to Invest In & Explode in 2023

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Boses Muhinda
Boses Muhindahttp://guru8.net
Am a techie and writer with deep sources

To pick a worthy digital project for investment, you should analyze it. Check out the following factors:

  • The essence of a project and its application
  • Price chart 
  • The market cap for cryptocurrency
  • Trade volume 
  • A project’s roadmap 
  • Partners and supporters
  • Real application cases.

The cryptocurrency market cap is a figure that shows the total value of all crypto assets that were released and are now in circulation. To get the market cap, you need to multiply the current crypto price by the number of tokens or coins released.

Based on the market cap and the actual use cases for coins, we have made the list of the most promising projects to invest in with their price in brackets:

  1. Bitcoin ($16.9)
  2. Ethereum ($1.27)
  3. Solana ($13.58)
  4. Decentraland ($0.4)
  5. UniSwap ($5.86)
  6. Apecoin ($3.89).

Check out these projects, and if you want to buy their tokens now that their price is relatively low, welcome to the WhiteBIT crypto platform. It is a centralized exchange with over 450 crypto pairs and a convenient interface. Novice users may pick a beginner interface, while experienced traders may configure an advanced option. In addition, the platform offers an easy-to-handle mobile application to trade on the go, low fees, and quality customer support. 

The platform has created a standalone educational resource – the WhiteBIT blog, where you will find a lot of valuable information on how the market works and learn about new up-and-coming crypto projects that come to the market. 

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Am a techie and writer with deep sources

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