A cross section of Telecommunications Services Consumers has urged the Ugandan parliament to take urgent necessary steps to forestall the spectre of monopoly in the nation’s Telecommunications sector.

Similarly, the Alliance Against Monopoly (AAM), a Pan-African anti-monopoly group has advised Uganda and other countries of Sub-Saharan Africa on the need to utilise the opportunity of the expanding telecommunications (telecoms) industry to fast-track their pace of development. One-way of achieving this is through the creation of a level playing field and equal opportunities for all comers.

The Alliance Against Monopoly (AAM) observed that Telecoms is about the most sustainable source of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the emerging countries who are tapping into the opportunities to boost their economies. Uganda, the Pan-African anti-monopoly group, noted cannot be lagging by offering to toe the wrong path of monopoly which Buccaneer players create to keep the country behind.

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It condemned recent developments in Uganda’s telecoms industry, calling on responsible government agencies to properly interrogated the sore before it festers. Specifically, AAM pointer to the deleterious merger plan between American Tower Corporation (ATC) and Eaton Towers being considered by the COMESA Competition Commission deserves a critical examination. It, opined that the plan, contains the killer grits of monopoly that will be detrimental to the over all interest of Uganda.

It further urged parliament and relevant agencies of government not to discard the numerous reports of infractions and breach of contracts by industry players as to do so will militate against the economic development of Uganda. AAM described as regrettable the case of infractions by ATC, which business model is considered antithetical to development of Uganda that was ignored. It cautioned that monopoly in many ways destroys the market and creates distortions that work against economic development. The organization therefore urged the Ugandan parliament and people to checkmate the growing menace of monopoly in Uganda.

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