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Uganda is one of the Countries having the most promiscuous Women

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By Caxton Peter Kasozi,

Promiscuity within Ugandan females domiciling in the UK hits a record high. In the UK, Ugandan females, who are submitting their bodies, to foreign men, hit a record number high.

Each human is free to live life as wishes, as long as does not bring into dispute the reputation of Uganda and the family from which that person comes. Every Ugandan on leaving Uganda and goes to another country is valued as an unappointed ambassador representing Uganda. That is why in the UK, the British people have a perception that Nigerians are Scammers, Jamaicans are drug dealers, and Ugandans are drink-drivers offenders. Now Ugandan females are construed that to be easy to take home kebab to eat (fuck). West African men are attending nightclub bars known as places Ugandan females often go to for ravelling. All they need do is buy a bottle of Courvoisier, which is sold in the range of £80 – £100 in a nightclub bar but outside sold by a retail shop in the range of £27.99 – £38.99.

The norm of the day nowadays is that West African men unite in many, for instance, two to five numbers, and go to a nightclub bar. Each one contributes £20 to a money collection kitty, totalling £100, the nightclub bar allocates to them a table to sit on, it is called booking a table with a bottle of Hennessy or Courvoisier served, adding on cans of Coca-Cola, bottled water and RedBull drink cans. When the Ugandan females sight such, they believe those guys are cash loaded. The Ugandan females end up easily telling those guys their phone numbers or leaving the night bar with those guys to their homes for a night sleepover. You know what happens when the woman is gone to a man’s home. Men from Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Caucasians were saying to me that my sisters, meaning females from Uganda, are taken away from nightclubs and bars very easily and compared them to how grasshoppers are easily honey-trapped, netted, and taken away for eating.

l considered it to be a mere conversion chat talk. But l decided to go to different DJ Playing bar restaurants in the United United Kingdom. l was shocked witnessing how Ugandan females were whisked away from the bars by foreign men taking them to the men’s homes for coitus.

To establish a clear picture in your mind, I refer to the situation in Uganda, Rwandese females are seen taken from nightclub bars by men for coitus. That situation is hit its height in the UK, with Banyankole females leading in the number rate of being a meal of foreign men the Caucasians and West African men from Sierre Leone and Nigeria.

Some of them are recognizable and have chosen a sex-worker role. Others are pursuing getting a settlement to stay in the UK alleging to be spouses of a settled person in the UK. Others money source is from the West African and Caucasian men they are bonking with.

l wondered, how really dignity -pride, self-esteem, and arrogance a bygone amongst the generation of females from Uganda to the UK faded away.

Presently, whenever l am asked which country I am from, l hesitantly mention that l am from Uganda.

The pattern-behaviour of loose females became drawn to the attention of foreign men through Facebook usage. European men were hooking up with females in Uganda. The men would travel to Uganda to have coitus with those females.

The number of Europeans coming to Uganda’s nightclub bars hit an all-time high because the Europeans who had visited Uganda once returned to Europe spread the news to fellow men that the hot spot for sleeping around loose females is found in Uganda.

Parents are in Uganda with the thought that their daughters are in the UK, right behaving; not knowing their daughter is the UK shagged by a caucasian man or Serre Leone man to be able to live a life the parents see as quite an upgrade from the life their daughter was living prior boarded a plane to the UK. The parents not knowing their daughter continued in the UK the dark life she was living while she was in Uganda, going to nightclub bars and ending up sleeping with the so-called, tourists.

Often the end is seeing those females the age between 30 and above, giving birth to a child of a man who is Italian or Sierre leone, no more sight able of him, gone and his whereabouts not known. Speaking to the men, l am left emotionally moral ethic heartedly broken hearing those men say the females were just weekend pussy pick-up females that lived a promiscuous whore life. Those are the females you find living alone, aged forty and above, and having had children.

l checked the background of the Mums of those females and found out their Mum too had pregnancies from different men who were of different nationalities or tribes from their Mum. The adage, which says: ‘like the mother like the daughter’ spun in my brain.

ln my days, coming into contact with a university-attended female, pride, self-esteem, arrogance, and pride values were written all over her. But nowadays, it is a norm of the day, campus university females are romping bonking with bodaboda-riders, taxi drivers, and barbers. ls, the mindset of class belonging, league belonging to, a bygone value. The talk heard around is “nze nkola kinyumila. Ndi mukunoonya money. Ndi kaana ka mbata akali mu kwetakulira.”

The Nigerian movies and West African music videos played on television could have had an impact brainwashed Uganda’s females to believe the life of people from those countries are wealthierandan males and that West African countries are better to live in than Uganda. Unlike in Uganda where it is not easy for music artists or Movie actors to easily be permitted to use outstanding-looking premises in Uganda such as Serena hotel, Munyonyo Resort Beach and etcetera, in West African Countries it is the opposite, hotels, bungalows, resorts beaches are easily permitted to used making a music video or movie video.

In the recorded videos therein is shown money thrown at the newly wedded bride, this has had an impact on the remotely grown or down the village grown female Ugandans to perceive that money is easily picked from trees. This is what l refer to narrow reasoning. Because a female having wider reasoning will see that even the cars those guys are driving are old. Wealth measurement is not determined based on a man buying a Hennessy bottle for £100 in a nightclub when the actual price of that bottle if bought from a retail corner shop is between £35 – £47, it is irresponsible spending.

Quite often, those guys l meet them outside the nightclub bar when it is time to go home after ravelling when they are stranded run out of petrol, and without money to refuel their car. They approach discreetly asking for assistance. l enter my new Mercedes and drive to my bought-owned home with laughter all over my face.

What also mesmerises me is the fact that on getting to know that I am a Ugandan, they evaluate me as I am in the same life basket pot as them, that I came from a troubled no jobs country Uganda like them and that I am in the UK struggling like them to make ends meet. Yet I came from a wealthy family in Uganda and ranked five best schools in Uganda throughout my education. While in the UK, attended an outstanding university, and completed a law with accounting, I completed professional examinations and presently I am a legal counsel. The men they are romping and bonking with are barbers, and -cab-taxi-drivers in the UK. But our Ugandan females on seeing in the club those men before them a bunch of liquor, our sisters are allured to assume that those men are rich-gang-group.

Our sisters need to be reminded that what you sow, is what you harvest, later in life. It is a matter of time elapsing, Ugandan men to know you were shagged by Sierre leone, caucasian men, etcetera.

Stay reading this paper, because soon l will start releasing their photos to see for yourself our sisters being whisked away from Cool Cozzy West African Restaraunt on Southampton Way London SE5 7SX and Ibb’s Sierre Leone Restaraunt Bar on Walworth Road, London SE17 2AP.

The writer is a Ugandan sociologist researcher domiciled in the UK, who has seen what he has published. WhatsApp contact number: +447424380944

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