Robert Mwesigwa Rukaari

Mbarara North member of Parliament Robert Mwesigwa Rukaari is having sleepless nights as several money lenders are up in arms demanding for repayment of loans the politician obtained from them.

Two money lenders who were given December 20 and December 31 2022 respectively to have their money paid or have the politician arrested.

Mr Rukaari who is a new timer in the August House representing Mbarara North also serves as a member of the Central Executive Committee of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party representing Entrepreneur League.

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The MP for example has failed to honor his pledge of paying Shs992 million to city businessman Gerald Kalungi which he obtained and had given a deadline of December 20th.

“Whereas Mwesigwa Robert (judgement debtor) was adjudged by a consent dated October 5, 2021, to pay a sum holder of Shs992,000,000 and whereas the said sum of Shs992,000,000 has not been paid to the plaintiff (judgement/debtor)” reads part of the consent judgment made entered in 2021.

This website failed to get a comment from Mr. Rukaari as he didn’t answer his telephone calls.

It further continues “These are to command you to arrest the said judgement-debtor and unless the said judgement/debtor /defendant shall pay to you the sum of Shs992 million as a cost of executing this process to bring the said judgement debtor before court with all

  Convenient speed.  You are further commanded to return this warrant on or before the 20th day of December 2022 with an endorsement certifying the day on which and manner in which it has been executed, or the reason why it has not been executed. This serves to direct every officer of the Uganda Police force to ensure that the arrest is done in a peaceful and lawful manner given under my hand and seal of this court this 17th day of November 2022”

In another case Hilary Twesiga, Tom Byakatonda (plaintiff) accuse Ms American Procurement Co. (AMPROC INC), Robert Mwesigwa Rukaari (Defendants). The two are demanding the two to repay a loan of Shs700 million.

“By consent of both parties, judgement is entered on record on the following terms; The defendants shall pay Shs700 million in full satisfaction of all the obligation under the Commission Agreement entered January 19, 2017 by December 2022” reads the judgement by Justice Stephen Mubiru.

Sources in told Eagle Online, that the two money lenders are just a portion of many money lenders that the politician obtained financial resources from to fund his campaigns.

Rukaari has previously been accused of misappropriation of over Shs10 billion and land issues at Uganda Railway Corporation.

Following the saga of illegally acquiring plots of land from Uganda Railways Corporation, a group of people from Isingiro petitioned to the Speaker of Parliament accusing Rukari of misappropriation of Shs10,225,710,000= that was meant to compensate for their land in Isingiro district.

On 3rd December 2021, a group of people from Isingiro district have petitioned to the Speaker of parliament seeking his intervention in the matter by directing MP Rukaari to refund the misappropriated funds. They lost about 75% of their entitlement which was public funds appropriated by Parliament to a member of Parliament.

The petitioners, in this case, include Hillary Twesigye, Vital Mykaragi, Stephen Muganga, Paul Mukarangye, Jerald Gutesa and the Estate of Frank Mirenge who petitioned through their Lawyer of Kakuru & CO. Advocates. In this case, the petitioners are former proprietors of land in Isingiro District which is now occupied by Refugees.

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