Ebola contact tracers

World Health Organization (WHO) is set to declare Uganda Ebola-free tomorrow since the country has not registered a single case for more than a month.

The decision is expected on January 11, 2023. WHO requires 42 consecutive days of no case for a country to be declared to have ended an epidemic.  

The Minister for Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng tweeted; “Fellow Ugandans, Happy New Year to you all. Today, 10th January 2023, marks 42 days since we began the countdown to Ebola free Uganda. I want to thank you all for your vigilance and a good job done. Together we can!”

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Dr. Josephine Okwera, Uganda Red Cross Society Director for Health and Social Services said; “Today is day 42 from the last confirmed Ebola case. Uganda will be declared Ebola free tomorrow. Congratulations to all the responders who have made efforts in fighting Ebola out of Uganda.”

Since the disease broke out in September last year, the country has registered 142 cases and 55 deaths.

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