The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has disregarded allegations concerning the misuse of savers’ money to fund the Tondeka bus project

“We would like to clarify that this is not true. The Fund has not funded any activities of the said project as alleged,” NSSF stated.

NSSF has added that the Fund continues to preserve members’ savings through prudent investments in line with our investment policy.

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“We remain committed to producing a better life for our members,” NSSF confirmed in a statement.

On 24th January, 2023 the Board Chairman National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Uganda Peter Kimbowa (PK), who is also the Founding Executive Chairman Tondeka Metro Company, was dragged to the Inspector General of Government (IGG) over alleged corruption, abuse and mismanagement of office.

The concerned citizen accused Kimbowa of diverting NSSF funds to fund the Tondeka bus project, which is a personal business.


As concerned members of NSSF, I wish this investigation to widen to include the activities of the chairperson of the board of directors Mr. Peter kimbowa for the following reasons:-

  1. Mr Kimbowa is a funding executive chairman, Tondeka metro company,
  2. In that capacity as funding executive chairman, Mr Kimbowa had been promising Uganda to put 900 buses on the streets of Kampala and the great Kampala metropolitan area for last 10 years,
  3. In September 2021 Mr Kimbowa was appointed chairman of the board of directors at NSSF.
  4. In mid-2022, Tondeka Company finally put over 10 buses on the streets of Kampala.

What a coincidence that no sooner had Mr Kimbowa been appointed chairman board of directors at NSSF than Tondeka was able to put buses on Kampala streets, something that had evaded them for a long time.

Could Mr. Kimbowa have used workers’ money for his personal business? And no sooner had the Tondeka buses appeared on our streets than allegations of corruption and abuse of office were raised at NSSF. I pray that your good office investigates Peter Kimbowa, the chairman of NSSF for possible corruption activities at NSSF.

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