Late Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile
It is now a year and some days gone by since former Bank of Uganda [BoU] Governor the Late Prof. Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile died.From the latest accounts of BoU staff, there is no doubt that they still miss the Late Tumusiime-Mutebile who was first appointed to that position on January 1, 2001, and their loss is not helped by the fact that the appointing authority in the country has not yet found the deceased’s successor, leaving the financial sector still waiting for the next person fit to occupy the hot seat.That aside Eagle Online has extracted tributes of BoU junior workers who served Mutebile as he went around his daily work. Below they speak:John Baptist Balinda (Governor’s Chauffeur)Prof. Tumusiime-Mutebile was a very humble, kind, highly disciplined, honest, and hardworking gentleman who commanded a lot of respect. The Governor cared for and treasured all of us as his children. He commanded a fatherly figure towards staff at all ranks. He was a father to us all. The Governor was a man of very few words who barely made phone calls, but often answered in-coming calls with very brief and simple replies; ‘yes’, ‘okay’, or ‘sorry’. For resolute callers, the answer was always a big “No!” In all our travels around the country, Prof. Tumusiime-Mutebile did not display any tribal or religious discrimination. “May the Almighty rest his soul in eternal peace.Herbert Bandese (Catering Staff, Governor’s Office)Prof. Mutebile was a people-person who respected everybody. At his rank, you would assume that the Governor would be too busy to talk but that was not entirely true. On Monday mornings, the Governor often asked how the weekend was. After a memorable day for example Father’s Day, he would take time to ask how the special day was. Governor’s character would prompt you to serve him unceasingly because he was a patient man who gave everyone a chance to do their work. He also always sought the opinion of staff in their different capacities. I will miss Governor’s thankfulness. There is a famous quote that goes, “the only time a non-believer is thankful is when there is no one to thank”. Governor was clearly a believer because he was always thankful.William Osire (Office Attendant, Governor’s Office)Prof. Tumusiime-Mutebile was a gentleman with a large heart. On my first day of work in the Governor’s office, Prof. Mutebile said hello to me, asked what my name was and told me that I was welcome. I could barely comprehend how the Governor of the central bank was personally welcoming me. His words were always ‘Good Morning’, ‘Thank you’, and ‘Good night’. One evening, when he was done for the day, the Governor walked to the elevator but walked back after a short while. When I asked him if he had forgotten something, the Governor said to me; “Yes, I forgot to say thank you for opening the door for me.” I will miss so many things but most of all, his humility.Jackie Rose Nankumba (Receptionist, Governor’s Office)The fallen Governor was a unique man with a pure soul. I will always remember the Governor for his ‘huge’ heart and his willingness to help everyone in need and at any time. His kindness was unmatched. He was an exemplary leader, generous, had a good sense of humor, and he respected all irrespective of rank. My most fond memory of Prof. Mutebile is from over 20 years ago at his welcoming party. Many staff were worried that the late Governor Kikonyogo was leaving but Prof. Mutebile’s words were reassuring. “I will care for you,” he declared. Indeed, the Governor has cared for his staff.Joyce Okello (Personal Assistant to the Governor)The late Governor was a man of the people regardless of rank! The Governor’s tough outlook notwithstanding, he was a very humble man. Indeed, his humility was reflected in the way that he spoke, which made everyone comfortable and at ease. He was also a very consistent man. His “No” was “No”, and his “Yes” was “Yes”. I learnt several things from the Governor but most of all, I will always remember his leadership skills, his decisive nature, and that fact that he inspired and empowered people to do what is right. I salute Prof. Mutebile for serving with distinction as evidenced in many achievements that the BoU registered under his leadership. I will miss his integrity and his smile. The Governor’s smile would light an entire room and cheer one up if they were feeling low. I remember walking into his office on several occasions and he would look up from his computer and greet me with a wide smile.Akura Mugyenyi (Personal Assistant to the Deputy Governor)Governor was an amazing communicator who often read speeches off script. He did not mind being approached randomly by people at the numerous events he attended. He liked being around people. Governor respected everyone’s work. He enjoyed a good debate even when he was not speaking. Prof. Mutebile was unusually comfortable with silence; probably because he was often the smartest man in the room. I will miss him not least because of the fact that ‘there is only one Prof. Tumusiime-Mutebile’. I am not sure that there is somebody playing the unique role that he played i.e., personally inspiring economic confidence, thereby containing the national risk premium at levels that investors were comfortable with, simply by his presence at the helm of economic management.Lilian Nanyanzi (Former Administrative Assistant Governor’s office)He has been a true friend! He was a man who always appreciated anything you did for him. He was also a people person who cared for his staff and encouraged their advancement. Governor was also as God fearing as he was humorous. One day, two reverends attempted to visit his office without an appointment. When I asked Governor if he was free to meet them, he quickly answered, “Nanyanzi, who am I to refuse the men of God to see me?” I will miss the fact that he always went an extra mile to help those in need.

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