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The Directorate of Traffic and road Safety in the Uganda Police Force has come out to issue guidelines to be followed by road users as parents and guardians all over the country are preparing to send back their children to school for the first term of 2023.

Schools will officially open on 6 February 2023, the season of sending pupils and students back to school is normally characterised by increased movement of people hence causing a lot of traffic on roads. During that period, people are always moving up and down almost at the same time to do shopping and also to take children back to school.

“All road users should expect heavy traffic flows on the roads, so we advise you to plan your journey earlier to avoid rushing and reckless driving since most of you will be moving almost at the same time,” Faridah Nampiima the PRO Traffic and Road Safety said.

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Nampiima reminded all drivers of Passengers Service Vehicles (PSVs) including taxis, coasters and buses to respect road signage, to have discipline while using the road and avoid reckless driving. She also reminded passengers to always wear seat belts.

She noted that the traffic Police will have on spot checks on vehicles during this season, explaining that drivers tend to carry excess passengers and also rush on the road.

“We need to ensure that you arrive safely, we shall do snap checks to check on how people will be ferried on the roads during this season,” Nampiima said.

Police warned all drivers not to load any excess passengers in the vehicles, not to rush students as they are offloading their luggage from the vehicles. Taxi operators were also cautioned not to load luggage beyond the height of the rails on top  of the taxis.

The Traffic Police PRO urged all passengers planning to use taxis and buses to board only from gazette parks and terminals to ensure the safe travel of learners back to school.

Vehicles operating on long routes were also advised not to make return journeys. Boda boda riders were also reminded to be careful as they ride students back to school.

All school owners were reminded by Police to take their school vans for mechanical checkups and repair since they were parked since the schools broke off.

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