The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) enforcement team in Mutukula has seized 180 kilograms of polyester lining material that had been smuggled into Uganda. The 90 rolls of polyester were impounded at Minziro, on the Uganda – Tanzania border.

The culprit, a one Kebirungi Eunice Scovia was caught unaware as she waited to transport the smuggled apparel to Kampala.

According to John Lubakwida, the in-charge enforcement Mutukula One Stop Border Post, the 34-year-old had been on their radar for some time and her luck had run out.

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Lubakwida explained that Minziro is one of the porous border points to and from Tanzania within Kyotera district and many smugglers have been intercepted as they tried to cross into Uganda.

He added that the polyester lining material is imported from China, offloaded at the Dar-es-Salaam port in Tanzania, and loaded on to Kampala bound buses. Once the buses approach the borders, the goods are offloaded to be transported into Uganda through porous borders.

Kebirungi has been one of the most wanted smugglers in this territory and according to Lubakwida, she will have to pay tax arrears amounting to Shs9,660,824.

Her goods were found to contain 90 rolls X 50 yards X 59 of polyester lining material, 3 kg per roll. Consequently, a one month notice of seizure was issued to her to collect them.

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